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By Singingaway - February 17, 2017
I contemplated posting this, mostly because I don’t really even know where to begin and I’m afraid it might get long. I always see where people got diagnosed when they were in... READ MORE

By Rann1950 - February 5, 2017
In August, I wrote about my history with IBS-D and the knowledge and support I have gleaned from my friend who lives with severe celiac disease. Since August, I have endured a... READ MORE

By Karan - January 29, 2017
Hi Everyone! I’ve had IBS for 4 years now and have been looking for ways to counter this. I have been documenting my journey for the last 6 months and also sharing... READ MORE

By doglady - December 9, 2016
MY FIRST BOUT WITH IBS, started when I was about 16 years old. I never paid attention to my bowel habits, but one day I just had extreme pain in my belly... READ MORE

By Anniebell - October 19, 2016
I am using this to ask a question of the community. Has anyone ever tried essential oils. I am in such pain! 9 dr apt X-rays ct scan. An unresponsive GI dr.... READ MORE

By Rann1950 - August 7, 2016
Ten years ago my new best friend Steven was diagnosed with Celiac Disease after years of intestinal misery and progressing allergic reactions to gluten then a severe allergy to all dairy products.... READ MORE

By revheff - August 3, 2016
I have struggled with IBS-D since 1995. Three years ago, my doctor put me on an Elimination Diet and introduced me to FODMAPS. What a difference! For me, no lactose, low fructose,... READ MORE

By ladybug - July 29, 2016
My story starts with an attack of c.dif last year which knocked me off my feet. Never heard of it before. After several bouts of diarrhea, I saw a Gastro doctor who... READ MORE

By Lacretia - July 21, 2016
I have had IBS for 13 years but at this point I am for the most homebound due to the disease. I am seeing a Gastrologist next week and not very excited... READ MORE

By Rdaydreamz - July 8, 2016
I am now 39. This story began at the age of 17. 22 years of unknown suffering from IBS. I knew, because I was diagnosed at 17, with IBS-D, others just assumed... READ MORE

By Gwen - July 7, 2016
My story began several years ago. I was told I had diverticulosis and was hospitalized on a few occasions. Finally had my sigmoid colon removed due to infection. I thought my troubles... READ MORE

By Lakeside girl - June 17, 2016
I have suffered a very long time with undiagnosed symptoms. I have been told it could be gerds, could be diverticulitis, gall bladder you name anything close to what could cause my... READ MORE