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My IBS Story

Hi All, My symptoms began 15 years ago. At first I thought is was just something I ate, but it


I had gastric bypass in September 2019. Ever since that day I’ve had IBS-D with c. diff. Only recently was

Hanging in

Every day I keep hoping the bloating and pain will be gone. But no! No matter what I do. Gastro


It was so hard to make family understand that when you feel like you hot to go they better get

Never ends

You’ve a good day and think it’s getting better. Then you eat and after 15 minutes you’re running to bathroom.


I have been struggling with IBS for a few years now. I went to many doctors, had many tests done

My IBS-D story

My story began almost 30 years ago after antibiotic treatment for cellulitis which followed a severe reaction to poison ivy.


My IBS actually started in infancy, referred to as spastic colon in those days. As a young child I had