IBS and Berberine

Developed IBS-D after years of medical neglect and misdiagnosis. Through researching the internet I felt that it was most likely a Blastocystis parasite infection. Requested a test from my doctor which came back positive. Was given Bactrim. Stripped my bowel flora. Could not get any bowel movements - only yellow water, for over a month.

Trying dozens of probiotics

Went to Emergency and requested the antibiotic Flagyl as research advised it would work. Within 24 hours it did work but relapses to diarrhea taught me to pulse dose it then I switched over to probiotics for the next ten years. Tried dozens of probiotics in different doses, sometimes up to 400 billion in order to get a normal BM. Eventually discovered Berberine, a herbal supplement that worked magically for several months, then relapse again to probiotics.

Currently using Saccharomycis Boulardi again and alternating with Bio K for IBS-D. Had three colonoscopies which were negative and my GI physician turned his back on me and suggested Metamucil which made it worse. I have learned to rely on myself and not trust any doctor. My current family doctor is sympathetic but nothing she has advised has worked so far.

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