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By HessP - January 12, 2017
As many of you already know, being an IBS sufferer is very hard, and I wanted to use this opportunity to get some things off of my chest. Some, or all, of... READ MORE

By Ally Godley - January 11, 2017
Self-care isn’t selfish. This is a new mantra that I have learned, and have learned to live by recently. I’ve always known that self-care was important, but it’s not something that I’ve... READ MORE

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By doglady - December 9, 2016
MY FIRST BOUT WITH IBS, started when I was about 16 years old. I never paid attention to my bowel habits, but one day I just had extreme pain in my belly... READ MORE

By Anniebell - October 19, 2016
I am using this to ask a question of the community. Has anyone ever tried essential oils. I am in such pain! 9 dr apt X-rays ct scan. An unresponsive GI dr.... READ MORE

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