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By Editorial Team - August 25, 2016
More than half of people with IBS believe that they are treated differently because of their IBS.1 Stigma occurs when society labels an individual as abnormal.1 Stigma can be something you experience,... READ MORE

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By Rann1950 - August 7, 2016
Ten years ago my new best friend Steven was diagnosed with Celiac Disease after years of intestinal misery and progressing allergic reactions to gluten then a severe allergy to all dairy products.... READ MORE

By revheff - August 3, 2016
I have struggled with IBS-D since 1995. Three years ago, my doctor put me on an Elimination Diet and introduced me to FODMAPS. What a difference! For me, no lactose, low fructose,... READ MORE

By ladybug - July 29, 2016
My story starts with an attack of c.dif last year which knocked me off my feet. Never heard of it before. After several bouts of diarrhea, I saw a Gastro doctor who... READ MORE

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