In a Dark Place

Hey there, fellow friends in spirit! I'm Tom, 30 years old and from Germany.

Over the last ~6 years I have been suffering from IBS-D and all the stuff that comes with it (pain in joints/ tiredness/skin problems a.s.o.). It all began with a visit to a local restaurant (which may or may not have been the culprit) and the extreme diarrhea I had the next morning. Back then, all those years ago, I tried home remedies (like easily digestible foods) just like in the old days. Sadly my diarrhea persisted.

Probiotics and diet

2 long and awful years and 3 useless gastroenterologists later, I found out by myself that certain strains of probiotics and the FODMAP diet (with some exclusions sadly) seemed to help me.

I had good months/bad months but my problems were mainly diarrhea ~ 30 mins after something that my stomach apparently couldn't handle. I would eat boring for 1 week (or worst case take nupure's probaflor formula) and the problems would go away. It was a boring but successful routine.

Staying out of the dark place

Last winter, during the phase of my final examen (stressful situation as a trigger, I know) I then developed something which - at first - pointed towards SIBO: Bloating after meals/ belching/ extreme gas a.s.o.

I don't know how I handled it but after maybe 2-3 very painful weeks it went away ... weeks in which I tried to sit upright whenever possible to ease the pain.

Then I had an "okay"-phase until 2 weeks ago when the problem from winter returned - only worse this time. My initial guess was long-COVID related bulls**** because I was a victim in the summer but in the end it doesn't really matter. What matters is that even my safest food regime doesn't work right now and I have a rumbling in my lower belly after every meal (mostly after lunch tho)/ I'm belching and giving gas often and feel really unwell.

So far I've managed to keep a positive outlook but my strength is slowly dwindling and I'm really afraid of falling into my dark place again. I hate this so much ... I have a good, well-paid job, and I managed my stress so well, doing slow yoga and meditation.

Anyways, thanks for reading :-) It felt kinda good writing it down.

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