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My IBS journey

Blessed day to everyone, my story begins 23 plus years ago. After a trip to the Dominican Republic about 6 months after I ended up in the hospital for a week where they measured the volcanic liquid coming out of me and had me on Demerol for the pain. They chalked it up to some kind of bacterial infection.

Contracting c. diff

My primary care physician put me on Belladonna and that helped immensely with the pain. Fast forward to about 2 years ago, after an upper respiratory infection and being on antibiotics I contracted c. diff! If we thought IBS was bad think again! This was horrible. I thought it was just a flare up but it was not. After being on antibiotics for that infection they told me it could come back after antibiotic treatment and it did.

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New medication

I finally found a doctor that would do a parasitic study on my stool and thought that was the end and I can see light at the end of the tunnel, but that all came back negative. Leaving me hopeless again as I thought that was the cause and I could be treated for it and my IBS would be gone. So here I am telling my story as it has flared up for 2 weeks now, so debilitating! My new physician was going to prescribe Belladonna again but they do not make it. So she has called in another antispasmodic medication that I'm getting ready to pick up at lunch. I pray to God this helps as this is just wearing me out. Thank you for listening have a blessed day.

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