Constipation Makes Me Feel Like Crap!

Constipation makes me feel like crap! And it annoys the hell out of me, what with the bloating and literally feeling like you know what. Why does it have to be like this?

It works until it doesn't

I took some docusate the other week, it had been working ok, but this time caused severe cramping that has literally gone on for weeks and ended me having to take antibiotics!

If I take fruit to help, sometimes it helps. But prunes, which I love, are now on the banned list, because they aggravate the bowel. I give up. It really does put one off eating, and food in general.

Impacts the appetite (too discouraged to eat and don’t feel any appetite anyway). When I do start to eat, it’s bland stuff like rice cakes with a smear of peanut butter (adventurous!), small amount of rice pudding, or chicken soup.

Takes ages to get back to normal, whatever that means.

This is my story.

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