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IBS and Camping Don't Always Mix

I went camping back in the summer, with my sister and a couple of friends. We had quite a large tent that we shared. I didn't think much about IBS or anything, but after eating quite a lot of spicy meat and drinking one can of beer, I began feeling very bloated and bubbly when we got into our sleeping bags in the tent.

Silent (rotten) farts

When I'm gassy I get pains and indigestion across my tummy, and I think pockets of air in my intestines, causing a lot of pain and discomfort, so I had to let my gas out. It was silent, but filled the tent with a rotten eggy smell that wasn't pleasant for any of us. I didn't like to say it was me, so I just kept letting off silent farts every few minutes and watching my sister and friends blame each other for the bad smell.

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Usually rubbing my belly helps soothe the pain, which I did as we chatted, but it did make the others suspect it was me who kept doing the rotten farts. I just said I had a tummy ache but denied the farting. But I had to fart, even though it was in a tent. But I felt too ashamed to take the blame. But I couldn't help the gas, I had an upset tummy.

Lesson learned: be prepared

I hadn't brought anything with me to ease indigestion, so I had trouble trying to burp and felt a big painful bubble in my upper stomach that I couldn't shift. So it wasn't the most comfortable night for me.

So next time I go camping I'm going to come more prepared to avoid this happening again, although whatever I eat I still get gassy at night. Maybe I should have my own tent but then that takes the fun out of it.

If you've ever been camping, how do you deal with it with IBS?

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