The End of My Marriage

I had a very difficult marriage with my second husband. My psychiatrist told me that in his professional opinion, he and his behavior was the reason I got sick, and I would not get better as long as I stayed with him.

But my wonderful psychiatrist prescribed me Desipramine, which is a very old antidepressant that is known to help people with chronic diarrhea. That was what finally worked. After 2+ years of crippling diarrhea, and being housebound, I finally started feeling better.

One day my husband- out of the blue- told me that he resented that I could stay home while he had to work. I said, "Did you resent it when I was laying on the bathroom floor, screaming in pain? Did you resent it when I was housebound for two years and couldn't go anywhere?" He said "No". I said, "Who would say that to a sick woman?" and it went on from there. That was the day my marriage ended.

Not long after that, I moved out and divorced him.

Best thing I ever did.

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