My New Journey with IBS-C

I've recently been diagnosed with IBS-C. My symptoms didn't start until November of this year. At the beginning of October, my 11 year old daughter had to get a benign tumor removed from the parotid gland on her face. She had complications and missed the whole month of school. I had been stressed and an emotional wreck the entire month. Fast forward to the 2nd week of November a coworker at my work passed away with lung cancer suddenly. It seemed like one minute she was there the next she was gone.

Mental distress and IBS-C

I could tell I had been constipated towards the end of the week. My stomach was bloated and making growling sounds. I was in a lot of mental distress with all the things I'd just gone through with my daughter and having a coworker pass away, and to add to the stress I wasn't able to use the bathroom. I started to Google my symptoms and that's when things got worse. I convinced myself I had colon cancer. As sad as it was I was prepared to die. Everyone around me said that just wasn't the case. I had panic attacks... urgent care and emergency room visits.

The 2 times I went to the emergency room 2 different doctors said they think I have IBS...but still I didn't believe them. When I got a colonoscopy on November 28th it confirmed that it wasn't colon cancer and in fact had to be IBS-C. I was prescribed Linzess, but reluctant to take it I tried to just change my diet and stick to low FODMAP and make sure I got enough fiber.

Trying to stick to low FODMAP

After my colonoscopy, I was fine going to the bathroom regularly. Still eating mainly low FODMAP, but also incorporating different things to see if I could tolerate it. All was well until 1 week and 3 days ago. I made/ate Christmas candy and pizza with my family and my symptoms returned. When I laid down for bed that night my stomach was cramping and growling. I haven't been able to go to the bathroom again like I was before I ate the pizza and candy. I've been going little bits here and there, but not enough.

The Sunday after I went back to low FODMAP high fiber, but it hasn't helped at all. I don't like to take laxatives, because I know the damage they can do. I've tried Miralax and that hasn't worked. The doctor's office prescribed me a colon prep to get cleaned out since I'm not able to go. They said I need to take the Linzess.

Any recommendations? I'm not in any pain stomach-wise right now. I'm not bloated. I feel good other than the fact I can't poop :(

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