Gastritis & IBS-C

I started feeling sick about 4 years ago just got out of the blue and they said I have gastritis, IBC-C, imo I'm sick all the time. I've had every test you could imagine and the medications that they have given me do not help. I have become gluten-free and dairy free and I only eat meat once in a great while. I've recently discovered tofu.

Tired of being sick

I'm tired of being constantly sick to my stomach. After I eat 23 minutes later I break out in a sweat. I also have a hiatal hernia that's very very small and my pancreas enzymes are below 50 but my amylase and my lipase are fine. I've taken supplements to help the digestion of my food they make me sicker. Just wondering if anybody out there has the same kind of things going on with them as I do with me. I'm always willing to try anything to try to help me feel better I need a little help here.

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