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Help From Homeopathy

I think I might have written my story before, if so do forgive me.
But IBS changes, and we change, and the things we try to help it change, so this is a slightly updated version.

I was diagnosed with IBS-D in 2020. I'd had a few small incidents now and again since late 2017, but always had dismissed them as some silly upset caused by things I had eaten or had drunk, which might have been 'slightly dodgy'. So I didn't know I had IBS coming upon me, until one morning in Spring 2020 when my gut threw a hissy-fit, and never 100% straightened itself out since.

A difficult year

2020 was quite difficult. I was scared to be honest, certain I had something life threatening as I felt so unwell. But I did notice the absence of any real red flag symptoms. That made no difference really as I felt like grunge. Only the tests which the doctor ran showed everything to be tickety-boo and fine. No I wasn't dying. I wasn't even technically 'ill' (you have to be kidding -right??)
I was baffled. And the bad way I felt kept going on. Then suddenly it all went away and I felt normal again! I mean....sheer wow. My life came back. I could feel again, think again, enjoy long walks again, not be scared of the bathroom or of waking up in the morning, and eat food.

It took me some time to understand that my version of IBS was going to be very much a come-and-go affair. Every time it went away, I forgot all about it (like I always used to do with an illness I got better from).... and every time it came back I was upset, disheartened, scared again, baffled, thrown back into an ominous and uncomfortable way of living.

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At the end of 2020 I was a bit of a gibbering wreck. I was also getting other symptoms, like ear problems, dizziness, some nausea, extreme exhaustion, some neurological issues, and all sorts. My diet left a lot to be desired too, as I had to eat low fiber to have any hope of controlling my symptoms, so food had become rather boring at best, and I always loved food.

Consulting a homeopathic doctor for IBS

I like alternative healing if I can find one that resonates with me. I studied herbal medicine in the 1980s, so had a pretty good idea of what (Western tradition) herbs to take. I found they helped....somewhat, sometimes, but didn't have the impact I expected.
That was another thing that disheartened me. Herbal medicine had always been my comfort and safe place when suffering anything.

I was about to consult an acupuncturist when I stumbled on a lovely-looking ad for a Homeopath. Strangely this lady lived in a close-by village, in my rural existence (I could easily walk there), and not only that, but this was a place I had very much loved walking with my dear dog (who has passed away now.) It has special, magical memories for me. Magical in a lovely earthy way.

An instinct told me to phone her. I did, and liked her immediately. Her charges were modest, and her qualifications were good. I could tell by the way she expressed herself that we had a lot in common.

So I started the treatments.

To cut a 2 year journey short, I have found with hindsight, that those treatments had a very slow subtle effect. I did not become suddenly healed or perfect . But one day I realised I had good energy, had felt it for weeks. I also realised I hadn't had a terrible flare up for almost three months. My athleticism came back, and over this past summer I have honestly felt like my normal self. Bowel movements have been much more normal, with only a few short lived glitches, and I have been able to re-introduce more foods to my diet (brown rice, celery in portions of 1 or 2 whole sticks, some raw salad, seeds, brazil nuts and almonds, avocado in larger portions....etc.)

I still have to peel many fruits and vegetables, and still can't quite launch into my favourite vegan stews, but can eat much better.

Grateful for improvement

It's not a bed of roses. I still get a bit of lower abdominal bloating, some windy times, and loose-ish stool sometimes. My lower tummy sometimes complains slightly about 5 hours after dinner, then quietens down. Then I will be quite good again for the next few weeks! IBS has not disappeared, but there is a little bit of light shining through now.

But I do feel so much more like my old self.

I know....IBS changes. I kind of have my fingers crossed constantly, but at the same time am grateful for any improvement. Two years ago I wrote my will as I was certain I was dying.

I spent the summer hauling at least a ton of firewood to prepare for winter happily, going for good walks, (in shade during the intense heat, but at least the heat didn't make me ill!), having fruit with breakfast, building a new gate, painting the house, eating out for friends' birthdays.

I feel my journey with homeopathy has definitely helped me. It may or may not help others.

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