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Become an Food Writer!

Calling low-FODMAP foodies, gastronomists on gut-friendly meals, and crafty cooks!

Would you like to share your foodie expertise with the IBS community and help others who are intimidated by the grocery store or kitchen? We are looking for folks who would like to exclusively contribute recipes and food-related articles regularly each month, and would love to meet you!

Our IBS advocates

Our advocate team at consists of contributors and moderators. Contributors produce original content (articles, videos, and recipes) focused on sharing their experiences with IBS.

Moderators provide our community members with information and support by responding to questions and comments on our website and social media pages while implementing our community rules.

All advocates are compensated for their work, and no prior experience is required. Paid training will be provided.

Perks of being an IBS advocate

By becoming an advocate, you will join a supportive and validating network with opportunities to participate in educational training, fun group activities (like yoga, meditation, and art classes!), giveaways, conference support, a matching gifts program, and more!

Our recipes

Because IBS can be so unpredictable, we know that not everyone has the same triggers. While some can stomach dairies like milk and cheese, others know to steer clear of the stuff. Salads work for some, but not all. And of course, spice is nice...but not always.

That is why we have a variety of recipes submitted by people living with IBS, registered dietitians, and community members. Help us stir the pot and become part of our team.

Recipe submissions require:

  • An introduction about your concoction
  • Serving size
  • Cook time
  • Ingredients
  • Directions
  • Nutritional information like calories and fat
  • A photo of your masterpiece

Check out some of these tasty examples:

Think you might be a good fit?

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