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Bruschetta, cookie balls, chips, and granola are falling into place from left to right

4 Easy IBS Snacks to Try Right Now

It can be hard to find the perfect snack between meals when you have IBS. What will cause me to have to run to the toilet? What will cause constipation? How do I know if this meets the low FODMAP diet recommended portion size? Of course, no two people with IBS are alike. While one person may have a specific list of triggers or safe foods, another person may find it hard to pinpoint exactly what triggers their symptoms.

To help you in your quest for snacks that do not stink, here are 4 easy IBS-friendly snacks to try right now!

Tomato and basil bruschetta

This appetizer or snack is a great way to show off your culinary skills before cooking a delicious meal for the holidays (or just because). Veteran IBS contributor Larah submitted this recipe for publication in 2019. It's a classic treat.

"For this recipe, you can use your favorite low FODMAP bread and even some types of sourdough bread," Larah said. "According to studies by Monash University, many sourdough breads have reduced FODMAP content because the levels of fructans are reduced during the fermentation process."

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Let us know if you try Larah's tomato and basil bruschetta recipe!

Monster cookie energy bites

Not all of our recipes come from regular contributors to We welcome our community members to submit their own IBS-friendly recipes. In this case, community member MzPurple shared their cookie energy bites recipe.

"I've found this to be really easy on my tummy, whether I'm nauseous, having abdominal pain, or neither. I tend to eat quite a few in a day to get my micronutrients, and the fiber in them helps me to void more frequently and easily," MzPurple said.

Leave a comment if you re-create MzPurple's monster cookie energy bites recipe.

Crispy polenta and zucchini chips

Did somebody say chips? Tiziana, one of our recipe writers, admits that removing gluten from her diet has been pretty challenging. She is from Italy, after all. However, there are many affordable options on the market, and cornmeal is her favorite.

Tiziana was simply looking to enjoy a crunchy snack one winter evening. It turned out that these polenta and zucchini chips were also a favorite among her family members.

"The smell was absolutely divine. Thus, I could not wait to enjoy it on the couch watching my favorite TV show," Tiziana said.

If you love Tiziana's crispy polenta and zucchini chips recipe, keep us posted.

Cinnamon maple granola

Granola is something many people living with IBS find they just cannot stomach. That is usually due to hidden ingredients (like honey and dried fruit) in the processed and packaged granola available in many stores. Melissa, a registered dietitian and longtime contributor to our community, developed this recipe in 2021. It can be transformed into fruit crisps, energy bars, baked goods, and more!

"Enjoy it for breakfast or as an on-the-go snack to help energize even the busiest of days," Melissa said.

Drop us a line if you make Melissa's cinnamon maple granola recipe!

Looking for more IBS snacks?

Head to our recipes page, and start typing in food types. If you cannot find something you are looking for, we welcome you to submit your own tasty recipe. Thank you for being part of our IBS community.

Let us know in the comments below if you plan to try one of our recipes. We love to hear from our community members.

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