A person sits on a stack of books, looking sad and defeated. Behind them is an open journal, two bottles of medication, and a hospital gown on a hanger.

My IBS Triggers, Part 1

Over the years I have spent countless hours trying to find which foods trigger IBS for me. More often than not this caused me more stress than it did help. I am one of those anomalies I guess. Depending on the day, something I ate one day with no issues can cause issues the next. For me, this was a breaking point.

Trying to find the source of my IBS

I’ve spent the better part of the last 10 years trying to find the source of my IBS. After having procedures done, tests ran, and the many diets I have been on I was given the diagnosis of IBS-D. I was told this is just something you have to live with. Managing symptoms, trying to live stress-free, and eat a low-trigger diet. I have read all the books I can find. I have read all the medical journals I can find as well. The consensus has been from my doctors “we just do not know why you have the problems you do.”

IBS treatments (or crutches)

For 9 years I just used Imodium to help with diarrhea. I would reach the max dosage daily most of the time. Over the last few years, it became my crutch. I couldn’t work without taking it due to spending the majority of my time in the bathroom. My managers had a hard time understanding my need to go so often. I would try to avoid the bathroom as much as possible on my “good” days.

My food and symptoms diary

I took the advice I have seen so often given to IBS sufferers. Food log - symptom log - keep track of everything you put in your mouth. Apparently, I have one of the more severe cases. That’s my luck, right? Everything and nothing can set me off. I am so glad I am one of the few like me. This is something I would not wish on anyone.

Learning more about my IBS

Over the years my body has been stuck in what has been explained to me as “starvation mode.” Looking at me, you would think that sounds crazy. To add to my fun life I have Hashimoto (thyroid condition) as well. This makes it super hard to lose weight but really easy to gain. My body moves food so quickly through my system that anything that I actually digest my body turns straight to fat (thanks to starvation mode).

There is hope for those like me. It has taken me years to get here but I am a fighter. I will not give up and throw in the towel so easily. Keep hope and never give up looking for things that will work for you.

Stay tuned for part 2!

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