Living with IBS one day at a time. Get tips and read about living and coping with IBS

By tmholland - July 19, 2017
OK, so I have problems. I am an alcoholic with mental illness that has IBS and stomach ulcers. Wow, did I just say that? It’s true though and I’ve worked very hard... READ MORE

By Hannah Noonan - July 17, 2017
This one is for the women out there (but also the fabulous men reading this who support a woman with IBS). Do your IBS symptoms get worse when you’re about to get your... READ MORE

By tmholland - July 12, 2017
I don’t know about you but I don’t think IBS is SEXY. Quite the contrary. The way IBS makes you feel is not conducive to a positive belief in your own sex... READ MORE

By Lisa Pearl McIntosh - July 11, 2017
Nothing says life-long-friend like passing toilet paper under the stall. Listen, having IBS sucks, but attempting to deal with it all alone can be unbearable. In this first installment of IBS MEANS… I... READ MORE

By HessP - July 11, 2017
“Your problem isn’t the problem. Your reaction is the problem.” –Anonymous When I first read this quote, it made me extremely upset. How could the way I react to my IBS be... READ MORE

By tmholland - July 10, 2017
It has been several months since my last personal update regarding my battle with IBS. I believe that sharing personal experiences can be of some help to others struggling with the same... READ MORE

By Ally Godley - July 6, 2017
There is evidence that essential oils were used as early as 3000-2500 B.C. Aromatic extracts for beauty care, culinary uses, spiritual and well-being is commonly credited to the Egyptians during this time,... READ MORE

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