Flower Essences for IBS

Flower essences are a system of vibrational medicine that works on the subtle emotional level of illnesses. While this may seem a bit woo-woo, myself and many of my clients swear by them. Flower essences are made by distilling flowers in water and then taking that essence and preserving it in alcohol. This is the mother tincture, which is then used to make preparations.

What are Bach Flower Essences?

There are many different systems and sets of flower essences. Bach Flower Essences were the first flower essences to be made and the most commonly available. Dr. Edward Bach created the flower essence system in the 1920s and 1930s and these 38 flowers are still in use today. You may find a system that is specific to where you live, using the flowers of where you are from, which can often be more potent.

How can they help with IBS?

We know that IBS is often triggered by our emotions and stress in particular, so the flowers work on this aspect. The flowers help to balance the emotions so you feel better, and therefore help to reduce symptoms triggered by these emotions.

Flower essences for IBS

Each flower essence practitioner uses a different method to discover what their client needs and you can have a session to discover yours. These following flowers are the ones that come up the most for my clients with IBS.


The Gentian essence is for when you feel bad after a setback. It is a feeling that I see with a lot of people with IBS. Everything can be great, and then a crisis will hit and you feel like you are back to square one.

Crab apple

Crab apple is the detox flower, to help to feel more clean in your body. It is also for self-hatred. I think this comes across with a lot of people in that they start to hate their body, as they don’t trust it. They don’t trust that they can go out and not have a flare up of IBS. Especially with IBS-D people can feel a little unclean, and those with IBS-C often tell me they feel like toxins are accumulating and therefore feel dirty.


This flower is for when you have given up hope. Many people reach this stage with IBS. And while it is a lifelong condition, finding your triggers and being able to manage it is possible. This flower helps to give you hope for the future.


Hornbeam is for exhaustion, both mental and physical and I think we can all relate to this. That feeling like it is all too hard and you are exhausted before you have even done anything.


This flower comes under the fear category, but the fear and anxiety due to known things. Countless clients have told me how anxious they are to leave the house and fearful that something will happen and they have no control over it. Mimulus is for these situations.


Olive is also for exhaustion, but unlike Hornbeam it is for after you have exerted yourself. I see many people with IBS suffer from all types of exhausted and the feeling of hopelessness, both before and after doing things. Therefore, I think Olive and Hornbeam are both indicated and there is no problem using them together in a mix.


This is for those that are living in a dreamy state in the future. Many people with IBS are waiting for the day when they can have their lives back but because of this don’t live in the present. Clematis grounds you in the present, helping you to deal with the here and now and enjoy your life.

If you haven’t tried flower essences before I suggest you give this mix a go and see how it can help. You can either buy the individual mother tinctures and make your own mixes or see a trained flower essence practitioner to have them make it for you. I’d love to hear how you feel after using them! Always consult with your doctor before introducing any new treatments.

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