The Malaise Has Returned

A while back, I wrote about what I consider the worst IBS symptom that I’ve experienced; malaise. I choose the word ‘malaise' because I don’t think there is a better word to describe this feeling. ‘Crippled’ might work, but would be a little unjust and over the top. However, after a particularly bad flare-up, my body refuses to work. My muscles ache, my mind is blank; I cannot move. It really does feel like having the flu. Based on responses from some of you, I know that I am not alone with this particular issue. I mean, the bathroom troubles, both constipation and diarrhea, can be absolutely excruciating. If you have both of these issues, like I have, they are both excruciating and frustrating. But I think, if I could choose to give up just one of the IBS symptoms I deal with, it would definitely be the exhaustion and debilitating experience that occurs, sometimes frequently, after bouts with IBS.

Fatigue is back

The title of this article is ‘The Malaise Has Returned.’ The reason for this title is that I had not experience this particular symptom for MONTHS…six full months. I was so relieved. I didn’t know why it had gone away, but honestly I didn’t care. It was gone. Well, no, it appears it was just in hiding. About two weeks ago, I got completely flattened again after a flare. I mean, I feel like someone beat me with a bag of nickels. The only movement I was able to make upon waking that morning, was to reach for my cellphone, text my boss that I was sick and could he please call my clients to cancel. That’s usually my job to cancel my appointments…but I couldn’t. I usually CALL my boss when I am going to be out sick. I COULDN’T SPEAK. I suppose I could have but at that moment, it was beyond me. I am generally a pretty strong, six foot, 220 pound guy. These events kick my ass worse than it’s ever been kicked before. Then the worry sets in. How long will it last this time? How much more work will I have to miss? How many days of my life will I have spend in bed and on the couch? This is the absolute worst.

The power of stress

If you made me guess, I would say, at least in my situation, I think this phenomena is directly tied to stress. The more stress I bring into my life and the way I deal with it, invites this crap. There may be a more clinical answer, but no doctor has been able to pinpoint it at this time. I mentioned before, that the best answer was the ‘Mind-Gut’ correlation. I tend to agree. I suppose the take away, is to not underestimate the power of stress and it’s ability to make the IBS bigger, stronger and faster than it was before. I hope that others have had better luck with this. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Thanks for listening.

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