"Alexa! Cure My IBS!"

Well, wouldn't that be nice?! It seems like there is an app for everything these days! Why can't we just tell Alexa, the personal assistant from Amazon, to cure our IBS, and it work?! A girl can dream. I did recently purchase an Alexa on Amazon Prime Day (half off, yeah!), and I have learned about some great tools she has to offer for the IBS sufferer! No, she can't cure IBS, but she can make your life less stressful, help you meditate, and more! That alone can help with IBS! Let's see what Alexa has in store for us.

Counting sheep

Alexa can play sleep sounds for you. Get a relaxing nights sleep with these sounds to keep anxiety and IBS at bay!

Clear your mind

Alexa can help you with guided meditation. With the Guided Meditations by Stop, Breathe, Think, meditation becomes easier! I find that unguided meditation is really hard for me, so this guided meditation at my fingertips is key for a successful meditation session! You can tell her how long you want to meditate. "Alexa! Open guided meditation for 10 minutes."

Forget no more

Alexa reminds you to do stuff! In this crazy, busy, world we live in, things slip our minds! Have you ever had something pop into your mind, say you'll write it down later, and the next thing you know, you forget? Just tell Alexa to make a note of it, and she'll remind you! Brain Fog be gone! Open the fridge, the almond milk is out, what next? Tell Alexa to add it to your grocery list! Share your grocery list with Alexa, and have her send it right to your phone!

Help in the kitchen

Alexa can be your kitchen assistant! She can set a timer for you! Take the stress away of cooking and forgetting how long something needs to simmer or bake. Just tell Alexa to set a timer for 10 minutes, and she's got you! You can even ask her how many cups are in a quart, and how many tablespoons are in a stick of butter. That was easy!

Alexa can also play your audible books, make your house a smart home, play your favorite tunes, and so much more!

Alexa does so many things that can help us with our stress levels, and with our overall sanity! I am just getting started with mine, and am very happy to have something that makes my life a little less stressful! Have you tried Alexa yet? Have you found that it helps with your stress?

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