My 5 Must-Have Items from the Supermarket

Living with IBS has made so many things hard to do, and going to the supermarket is one of them. I just never know when I’m going to have the urgent need to run to the bathroom. What’s also not fun is the anxiety of knowing that most things I buy at the store will cause me to have a flare up. Nevertheless, when I do make it to the supermarket there’s always a few things I can never leave without. So, I wanted to share with you my list of 5 items (including brand names) that I ALWAYS buy at the supermarket to help me manage my IBS symptoms. Feel free to add some of these items to your next shopping list, here they are:

Gluten-Free Oatmeal

My 5 must have items from the supermarket

Breakfast is usually the hardest meal for me consume since I feel like eating anything in the morning will only give my IBS more fuel to act up. The fact that this oatmeal doesn’t trigger my IBS symptoms and tastes good works great for me and my peace of mind. The Quaker brand seems to be the only brand that works best for me in comparison to others I’ve tried. Surprisingly, I’ve only come across the Maple Brown Sugar flavor as the only gluten-free option, but it’s my favorite so I don’t complain! Having this gluten free oatmeal as my breakfast is just great because the portion is small and I don’t have to be afraid of a flare up coming right after. Also, if I want to switch up the flavor, I can simply add some fresh blueberries, raspberries, or bananas to my bowl.

Toilet Flushable Wipes

My 5 must have items from the supermarket

Honestly, this would be number one on the list if I were rating the items from most important to least important. Wipes are a must for me because I can travel with them anywhere I go in case of any emergency, and it gives me the feeling of being extra clean as opposed to just using dry toilet paper. When you use the bathroom as much as we do, the quality of the wet wipes is extremely important. You don’t want to be mid-wipe and your towelette rips, or leaves behind residue because it’s too wet (yuck!). I’ve tried so many brands from the cheapest generic store brand to the most expensive at the store. My favorite brand on the cheaper side is the Scott Naturals because they aren’t too wet, are durable, and have small ridges to result in a cleaner bottom. As you can tell, aside from my wife, wipes are my next best friend.

Rosemary French Fries

My 5 must have items from the supermarket

I know, it’s a bit random, but finding good food that hardly ever triggers my symptoms is not easy to do! These French fries are great for a snack or even to go along with a meal, and it even meets the low FODMAP standards, which is even a bigger plus. I love making these fries because they are so quick and easy to make and require no preparation! If you haven’t tried rosemary flavored French fries yet, it is a necessity at least once.

Powder Fresh Air Spray

My 5 must have items from the supermarket

I feel almost every IBS sufferer might consider this a must have given what we have to deal with on a daily basis. This item is important to me because…well who wouldn’t want to cover their tracks after using the toilet? Plus, I just think it’s a courteous thing to do for those who have been waiting to use the bathroom for at least an hour because of you. The Glade Powder Fresh air spray is my go-to product because the scent masks smells so well, and it’s only $0.99! Who can beat that?

Kiev Stuffed Chicken Breast

My 5 must have items from the supermarket

I want to say this is another random one, but to be honest, I don’t think it is in my case. Finding food that hardly ever triggers my IBS symptoms almost feels impossible, and why not share something that other sufferers might be able to work with and enjoy? I have tried a variety of stuffed chicken from Barber Foods, and they all taste pretty good. However, not all of them feel as good as they taste, so I stuck with the one that hurt me the least, or hardly at all. I find it to be delicious and can pair well with other sides (even the rosemary fries). If you haven’t already, you should add it to your shopping list next time and give it a try. Keep in mind it is stuffed with garlic butter, and although I know garlic can be a trigger for many IBS sufferers, surprisingly enough this product never negatively affects me.

So, there you have it! These are all my must-have items every time I go to the supermarket that help me manage my IBS symptoms. To be honest, there is more to my list, but I didn’t want to overwhelm you. What are some of your must-have items on your shopping list? Please share.

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