The [Low-Fodmap] Apple Watch

Apples, as in the fruit, are high in FODMAPs, which can wreak havoc on the IBS sufferer’s gut. For example, whenever I drink a pre-made juice and forget to read the label, and apple was in the ingredients, it’s usually a disaster for my gut! Apple, as in the Apple Watch, on the other hand, is GREAT for the IBS sufferer! Take a bite out of the Apple Watch! It has improved my gut health, unlike the fruit!

The Apple Watch has many features that can improve your health. First of all, it has an activity tracker. It keeps up with your calories, exercise, stand, and move activity, versus just steps taken like some other activity trackers. The Apple Watch uses the “move” feature to track your motion and heart rate data in order to determine calories burned. You can set goals on your Apple Watch to determine how many calories you would like to burn per day. The exercise feature is great for tracking workouts. There are options for certain workouts, such as indoor cycling, which I love! The calories and exercise features really encourage me to exercise more, and to be more active overall, which is so good for anyone suffering from IBS!

My favorite features

One of my favorite features of the Apple Watch for the IBS sufferer is the “stand” feature. This feature reminds you to stand up, and walk around if you are already standing up. This alerts you on the hour, so it’s great to stand and move around so frequently! Sitting at a desk all day can be really bad for your digestion. I've heard that sitting is the new smoking. Walking around every hour could really improve your gut health, and your health overall!

My favorite feature on the Apple Watch for the IBS sufferer is the “breathe” feature. This feature is designed to help you with mindfulness, meditation, and stress reduction. In my opinion, it does just that! I will get a tap on my wrist, look down, and my watch is telling me it’s time to breathe. I can choose how long I would like to have my Breathe session, and then it begins! The app guides you through deep breathing, and there’s a beautiful graphic to focus on, and taps on your wrist that keep you focused and engaged in the meditation and mindfulness. For someone like me, who has a hard time remembering to breathe, much less meditate or be mindful, this feature has done wonders for me! Reducing stress and breathing more has helped me with my stress levels, which helps my IBS symptoms!

A personal assistant

There are other great reasons to get an apple watch, such as downloading the Water Tracker app, so you can track how much water you are drinking. It takes it a step farther than just having the app on your phone, because you can feel the tap on your wrist when you are out and about, walking around at work, or your phone is tucked away. There are other convenient features on the Apple Watch that makes life less stressful! My Mom calls her Apple Watch her personal assistant! In a world where we are constantly trying to relax and eliminate stressors, especially as an IBS sufferer, the Apple Watch might be a good investment for you, too!

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