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Wanting to know if anyone has gone through years of testing and several doctors?

Only one doctor pushed me to be tested for fructose malabsorption 5 hr test. I scored so positive; off the charts. All gastro tests, and I’ve had so many over 7 years, all negative but no doctor ever did this one. Low FODMAP vs high FODMAP foods helps but so many foods have hidden fructose. Dairy, cheese, salads, veggies, wheat, etc. aggravate the gut. It’s so frustrating trying to walk 2 miles but have to rush home and get to a bathroom. And sometimes you just can’t. Very life controlling. 2-3 times a day. Cramps, nausea, etc. caused by food. What to try next. Being this intolerant and lactose intolerant doesn’t leave much to eat. Please help.

  1. Hi, . Thanks for submitting your question! You're certainly not alone in your long, drawn out testing/diagnosis period, just as this article explains. Finding foods that won't cause symptoms can be really challenging. Hope this helps! - Chris, ( Team)

    1. I just posted a question in the forum about why doctors don't say they don't know. Yes, frustrating for sure being told multiple issues and causes and solutions and not getting help. Good luck.

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