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What's in your fridge?

Community advocate and Registered Dietitian, Sarah, wrote an article about how to stock your fridge for healthy eating.

We're wondering what's in your fridge? Do you have staples that you always keep handy? Let us know by replying below. You can even upload a picture of your fridge for others to see!

  1. I have napa cabbage, little tomatoes, cauliflower, sherbet, eggs, celery, ..I'm thinking about how to cook veggies with a little meat protein, all together. Like hollowing out a spaghetti squash and cooking some meat protein inside it with like a peeled tomato, and vegetable broth, spoonful of seedless strawberry jam...without tomato seeds of course. I've considered not eating. That would be bad.

    1. Thanks for sharing! Love those ideas. It's a stretch of creativity to create a meal out of an array of ingredients. We often have "clean the fridge" night and try to pull something together. Stuffed spaghetti squash is a great idea. In the fall/winter, stuffed acorn squash is tasty too! I know others here can certainly relate to feeling like not eating would be easier but trying to get some nutrients in is important. Best, Kelly, Team Member

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