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Sarah Glinski, RD

IBS Community Advocate Sarah GlinskiSarah was previously a health leader on

Sarah is a Registered Dietitian based in Canada. She lives in Edmonton with her husband and two cats. Growing up in rural Australia and the Northwest Territories while living with her own digestive issues was what initially sparked her interest in science and nutrition. It was often difficult to access the healthcare services she needed because of her remote location. Sarah struggled with digestive issues and was left frustrated and confused as she tried to figure everything out on her own. She KNOWS patients go through this themselves, and loves helping them get connected to information that’s going to help them feel better.
Sarah’s favorite part of being a dietitian is helping people take food a little less seriously. Food rules are no fun, and letting go of food rules and guilt is often the first step to developing a happier, healthier relationship with food. Sarah is passionate about science communication and loves being able to share her love of nutrition and science with others.

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