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Tender pain in right side

Hi, I'm currently awaiting results of some blood tests but wanted to reach out and see if anyone else has had similar symptoms to myself. I've been having a tender pain in the right side of my abdomen that comes and goes. The doctors initially thought it was a muscle strain but as it's been a few weeks and it's not improved I went back, hence the blood tests. I'm feeling anxious as to what the issue is as searching online shows everything from IBS like conditions to the dreaded big C.

  1. I'm sorry you're dealing with this pain. It's so stressful not to know what's going on, I feel you. Speaking from personal experience, looking up any symptom online brings up the worst possibilities, so I always try to avoid that... You're already doing the blood tests! When will you get the results?
    Pain in the right side can definitely be a symptom of IBS, as we've has several forums talking about that. I'm going to link a couple of those: 1), 2), 3) However, it could also be something else. One of our advocates had a hernia that caused pain:, for example.
    I hope you'll get some answers and relief soon! Please keep us updated.
    Sending positive thoughts, Karina (team member)

    1. Thanks for the reply Karina. I should get the results back tomorrow or Monday all being well. Thanks for the links for the forums, I'll have a read of them. It's helped put my mind to rest that it's a common symptom.

      1. I'm glad that it helped a bit. Please let us know when you get back the results!
        Wishing you all the best, Karina (team member)

    2. Hi , I just wanted to check in and ask if you've gotten the blood test results back? Did they show anything? All the best, Karina (team member)

      1. Hi Karina, Thanks for checking in. I'm back in the doctors on Friday this week as that was the earliest appointment available! I'll let you know how I get on!

        1. Thanks for updating us, I'm looking forward to hearing from you after your appointment on Friday!
          Karina (team member)

        2. Hi , I just wanted to ask how your appointment on Friday went? Were you able to go over the blood test results with your doctor?
          All the best, Karina (team member)

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