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Tips for finding an accessible restroom in public?

What do you do when you need to use a restroom in public but none can be found? Any tips to share with the community?

  1. Ensure I know where the loos are in the town, shops, hotels, town halls etc. I learnt to do this 45 years ago when I was pregnant. My husband said I should publish an Eye Spy book of loos!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing! Knowing where all the bathrooms are is so helpful, I wish there was a map or something to look them up everywhere we go. You should absolutely publish all that info! 😀 Karina (team member)

    2. Susan

  2. I have more than once been out and tried tom get home.A couple times couldn't make it..Fortunately I wasn't'

    1. So sorry this happened to you. 🙁 You're not alone. How do you prepare for potential flares when you go out?
      Karina (team member)

  3. Unfortunately, i have to wear a diaper. It has saved me numerous times!

    1. I also carry an emergency "kit" with me at all times. It includes wipes, deodorizer, alcohol pads to smell if I feel dizzy o nauseated (I did not know about the peppermint oil, thanks for sharing), liquid alcohol to disinfect my hands or any surface if needed , Tums, Pepto-bismol, Imodium, plastic bag). I've also had to go to the bushes a couple of times. My dream is to have a RV and carry my own bathroom with me at all times 😀

      1. I've traveled with an RV before and it's amazing, I've never felt so calm on a roadtrip! Thank you for sharing, I hope you're having a flare-free day today. Karina (team member)

      2. What a great idea and experience. Have you written--or if not, might you write an article about that? I'd love to read about whether you rented or bought or traveled in someone else's RV, how long the trip was, whether you cooked in it or ate out, how you managed IBS during side trips away from the RV, etc. I think it would attract a lot of interest! Hugs, Kim

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