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Hi everyone, am new to this group, and trying to change my diet, to help with ibs-d.

Would appreciate if anyone can post a easy recipe for soup, with just potatoes, celery, carrots & chicken stock? TIA. 😀

  1. Im a scratch cook so i dont use a weitten recipe. I usually just wing it from experience.

    Are you using a premade stock? Broth and stocks can be different (i forget which one is preseasoned with onions and gaelic, which bither me) so i usually make my own. Both stock and broth can be high in aodium (which i also cant have). Tasye test you soup and add a little pepper and herbs to add flavor (italian is what i have).

    A little math can help determine how many carrots and celery to use. A premade stock should list the number of servings in the container. I would count the carrots and celery as a single veg and add enough to make the requured servings. 1/2 a potato (white or sweet) is a decent serving size. Add one extta white potato cut into small pieces so it will disolve into the stock and make a rich broth. Add water as needed while it simmers.

    Bare in mind that premade stocks and broths may list intended servings per container for uses other than soup, so check out how many ounces is in the serving size. Many brands also list soup recipes on the packaging. You can add or remove items as desired.

    I generally make my own stock to avoid things that bother me. From there i add things on a whim. If you need protein withoit adding meat, dry beans and Mushrooms will do that. Baby spinach adds a nice touch. yellow squash and zucchinni too. Fresh string beans and peas. If i have them. Pico de gallo (tomatoes, onions, peppers...have used salsa before too) if i feel like taking a risk with the onions lol If i have too much broth i throw in a handful of dry rice (or pasta). If you want to add a little butter or oil (which would normally come from our meat choice during cooking), do so at the end of cooking (same is true for milk or cheese in potato soup and stews). Some seasonings lose their power over time, others dont. Taste test every so often to check your progress.

    1. i’m not the best at cooking or making soups, but i find that boiling the potatoes and carrots in the stock long enough to get them soft works pretty well. if possible you could look up some low fodmap seasonings and try one that is least like to cause problems

      1. Hey there! We have a wide variety of recipes on our website. You can check them out by going here and typing in the search, "soup": -- I hope this helps! - Samantha, Team

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