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Is there even hope after I have done battle with SIBO?

Official SIBO diagnosis is still pending but it should only be a matter of time (doing a vitamine B1 test as well) because my symptoms at this point only point in one direction.

My main concern isn't even the rate at which SIBO comes back for most people, my main concern is the extreme amount of food sensitivities I have developed (before the flare-ups and especially during my latest episode). I'm so extremely frustrated that I'm down to a handful of foods (can't introduce anything "safe" without symptoms - even safer FODMAP foods). Lately I have even started to doubt my morning porridge because my symptoms get worse just after lunch (aka when my breakfast gets pushed further down) - porridge has been my safe breakfast for YEARS.

Is there anyone who had SIBO, won the fight and might want to reassure me that some of those sensitivities go away just by overcoming this horrible thing? 🙁

  1. While I don't personally have SIBO (I don't think), food sensitivities can definitely come and go. I used to not be able to eat much dairy and now it's mostly fine, for example. Actually, as soon as I cut out gluten, I was able to re-introduce plenty of other foods, but that's just my experience.
    I also wanted to share this article with you: Please don't lose hope. Maybe you need to cut out lots of foods now, but that doesn't mean that it's forever. Have you tried eating things like chicken/meat stock? That's a new favorite of mine whenever I get symptoms.
    Wishing you relief,
    Karina (team member)

    1. Maybe I'll give that a try 😀 Thanks.
      Normally red meat doesn't go well with me - do you think meat stock from beef could be different?

    2. If you can't have red meat, I'd just do chicken stock! You could just use the leftover bones next time you eat chicken, instead of throwing them away. Or use an entire chicken leg. Karina (team member)

  2. Yeah, as I said: I will try that. Currently I'm not feeling like trying anything tho since I have a bad flare-up during this current flare-up (double trouble).

    1. Oh no, I'm so sorry that you're going through this. You're right, a flare is not the right time to try something new. Wishing you quick relief from these bad symptoms, Karina (team member)

  3. I totally understand that problem. From the beginning when I first tried the low FODMAP diet I was confounded because some of the low Fodmap foods obviously didn't suit me and I thought I had little hope on it. But I did the trial strictly (with the help of a multivitamin -mineral complex and a vitamin B complex) for 8 weeks. At which point I discovered that some of the High Fodmap foods were just fine for me! And had been all along. I also discovered I wasn't lactose, gluten, or apparently fructose intolerant (i.e. honey)!!
    I also found out that sugar didn't bother me but anything artificial DID!
    So the Fodmap trial was worth doing.

    But I absolutely hear you about the diet starting to get a bit narrow, because that's what I struggle with too. I have been able to introduce a few more vegetables which is a win. I can now eat carrots and asparagus, and cucumber! wow.
    But at the same time even small amounts of fruit upset my tummy and I clearly remember back in 2020 being able to eat fruits like bananas, and blueberries and peeled grapes. That is a "lose".

    But I ordered grapes again with my groceries this week, so am going to give those (peeled) another try. I never stop trying.

    But my thing is I NEVER experiment when my tummy is upset at all. I wait until I get a time when things are more steady to try a re-introduction. Waiting for that time can be a bit frustrating though.

    I have also discovered that the "re-introduction phase" is a work in progress, and never really ends.

    I daren't go near anything with oats much as I love oatcakes. Oats just "make me go" (act as a laxative) so I steer clear of them for the moment.

    1. I had dirrhea 3 out of the last 4 days now after lunch (with weirdly normal/okayish stool in between). I don't wanna change anything tho because I finally have a hydrogen breathtest for SIBO on tuesday (I don't expect my doctor to recognize my SIBO somehow but I fought very hard to get the test). After that I'll immidietly start probiotic treatment. Still debating between Sacch. bouldarii or B. Coagulas. Both were proven successful for people with IBS/SIBO and both protect the gut lining and help good bacteria to colonize.

      1. Thanks, Elzabeth! I really need some hope right now D-:

      2. I'm glad that your doctor is finally trying to get you the help that you need. That clinic sounds perfect, I hope he'll get you in and they'll finally figure out what's going on! Please keep us updated. Wishing you all the best, Karina (team member)

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