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Need help desperately!

Hi everyone,
This is going to be long but please bear with me. I made a post on here a few months ago about having extremely bad health anxiety about having bowel cancer because I was having black specks in my stool despite having had my third colonoscopy in August that came back clear. You were really supportive back then and I feel like I have nobody else to talk to. Basically a few weeks ago I decided to do a stool sample for the doctor because I was paranoid again and I rarely look when going to the bathroom because of my fear but for obvious reasons this time I had to. When I looked it looked normal except it smelled really bad and was covered in mucus and had a little bit of blood on the outside (disgusting I know) but obviously that completely sent me into a downward spiral and I got the results back from the doctor today and as I already knew it came back positive for blood. However they said that since I only had a normal colonoscopy literally three months ago it would be pointless to be referred to see the specialist again. And they said they thought it was my haemorrhoids again because every time I’ve been sent for a colonoscopy for bleeding they found haemorrhoids. When I did the particular sample I didn’t feel any pain though is it possible to have bleeding internal haemorrhoids without pain and despite having them banded a few months ago could it have failed or more could haemorrhoids have developed. I don’t exactly eat the best diet and do enough exercise though. Anyway because of this fear of having cancer it’s completely destroyed my life I don’t want to eat I can’t sleep I have panic attacks. Even typing this is horrible. The fear is unbearable. I’ve always thought that if I ever had anything like cancer I would not want to face it and would rather end it. Do you think I should pay for a private fourth colonoscopy or is that just feeding into my fear. I’m only 26 and have no family history of it. Advice and reassurance is desperately needed.

  1. Hi . I'm sorry you are going through all of this. Just to clarify, were you diagnosed with bowel cancer? If not, I think that doing another colonoscopy would be feeing into the fear. I've dealt with hemorroids myself, and they definitely cause blood in this manner.

    It's great that your colonoscopy was clean. That is excellent. I think focus on what you can control to help you feeling better. I would focus on your diet. You mentioned that it isn't the best and that is a huge part of feeling better and improving symptoms. Maybe do some research on the Anti-inflammatory diet. Just eating more clean and organic in general, no processed foods. This will all help with your digestive system and help lessen your anxiety I think because it will improve your symptoms? Just a thought.


    1. thank you for the reply.
      No I was never diagnosed with anything but I’m terrified of that happening. I don’t want to have to have colonoscopies constantly for the rest of my life just because I want reassurance. That was my third one in three years. Having them done and them coming back normal only temporarily reassures me until I see blood again and I want another one it’s a constant cycle. I will look into my diet and how to improve that.

    2. I hear you. Blood in stool is always scary. I get it often but I deal with hemorrhoids and I also have Crohn's which is mostly located in my rectum so fresh blood is typical. It doesn't happen daily but especially if i don't eat well it ramps up. I feel like if you get the blood under control it would help you mentally a lot. Do you strain a ton? If so, make sure you are eating enough fiber. Excessive pushing shouldn't occur when using the restroom. -Elizabeth (team member)

  2. I’m sorry you go through that. Is it possible to have bleeding haemorrhoids even if you don’t feel any pain or stinging?

    1. Yes definitely. I am not a doctor, but in my personal case yes 100%. -Elizabeth (team member)

    2. My suggestion is that you have to confront your fear, to look in the face of your fear. To find what is behind the fear. There's always something hiding behind the fear. When you find it, you find what is the most important and valuable thing in your life. Cherish and take care of that thing. The fear will go away. Trust yourself. Love yourself. Do what you can do, only you. Eat well, sleep well, love well. Embrace your destiny. Feel for your life. Pray.

      .....and also, take care of your hemorrhoids.

      Sincerely, Dolores from Montreal, celiac desease and IBS

  3. Yes I totally agree. I am not a doctor. Stress can really be a trigger for IBS. You go into survival mode looking for that saber tooth tiger in the cave man days. When you are in survival your body want's to either run fight or freeze. Your digestion shuts down and the blood supply is reduced to the intestines. I was advised by the doctor to try hypnotherapy this really worked for me and stress management meditation. I now meditate 4x a day even 10 minutes is enough. The hypnotherapist gave me the book by Dr Joe Dispenza to read 'Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. The only way I reduced my anxiety was to be so conscious of my anxious negative thoughts and to dismiss them. Its not about positive thinking its about really changing how your brain works. Yes I have had bleeding haemorrhoids with no pain the blood is always bright red. Think about introducing more fibre, vegetables in your diet.
    Hope this helps.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm glad that hypnotherapy and meditation works so well for you. I'm also currently working on my anxiety and it's so hard to retrain the brain. Did you find the book to be helpful? What kind of medication do you do?
      Wishing you all the best, Karina (team member)

    2. thanks so much for your reply. I was just wondering when you have blood do you get mucus as well? Because for me it’s like mucus with a little bit of blood.

  4. I am having severe nausea off and on all day for the last 2 months. Had endoscopy which showed GERDS. I do not have the regurgitation or heartburn.They put me on 2RX.All I have is nausea.RXs have done nothing.Just nausea. I also have IBS-C for 4years and take Linzess. I am so stressed with the unannounced nausea everyday and now the Linzess does not work. I am wondering if IBS is just in a terrible uproar that it is playing havoc with my nerves rather than the GERDS. I am under a GI's care, but can't see her for another 2 week.. I eat healthy, drink plenty of fluids and exercise. I am high strung and had been dealing with a friend's problem which has been very frustrating. Could that have triggered this whole mess?Sorry this is so long. I am going out of my mind

    1. Thank you for your reply. I think knowing someone else has the same issue helps. I just can't seem to get it out of my head why I am so nauseous and am positive there is something seriously wrong even though tests come back negative other than GERDS.

    2. Are there any other tests you could push your doctor to do just to be sure? Or do you think that this would just add more stress and make the nausea worse?
      I personally always struggle when to push for more tests or when to focus on calming all the stress, as I do have (health) anxiety that makes me worry way too much about symptoms. In the past, I've thought so many times that something was seriously wrong and it really wasn't, it was just my brain hyper-focusing on a specific symptom. For other people, it's definitely best to follow their intuition when they feel like something is wrong...
      Karina (team member)

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