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Is anyone losing their ability to eat foods over time progressively?


I have been suffering with IBS for 4 years now, and while I was devastated the first year when it showed up, I find myself envious of how it was 3 years ago in the sense that I have lost my ability to eat properly.

I used to eat easy legumes like lentil, eggs, veggies (had to be cooked tho), and even dairy! Yes, dairy! Nice wholegrains too. No processed stuff tho, I had banned myself from them.

Starting from this year, all of this has started to change, I started experiencing A LOT of my symptoms in my upper GI tract. And by that I mean, very bad reflux that sometimes blocks my airway (!), a hellish feeling as if I'm about to spill out my organs, and a very strong heart beat. There is more than that but I think you get the picture, it's hell, I don't need to describe further.

These are usually triggered by foods I was eating just fine prior to this year. Anything from too much fibre, to legumes, vegatables, fruits, dairy, and anything that has an acid edge to it. I eat them, and about 6 hours, later... BOOM! Hell...

By the way, I'm not lactose intolerant, lactose-free milk gets me in the exact same way! It wasn't until this year that it started being so bad...

I really don't eat healthy anymore because I just can't, I only eat carbs and lightly-cooked meat (but meat is really expensive). My doctor insists that my IBS is stress related, but I highly disagree. My current dam of symptoms is triggered by foods, not by my mental health. I eat something, I get sick. Isn't that simple?

I have not had an endoscope of any kind yet except an ultrasound, as my GP refuses to let me get one because she feels that it's stress, and therefore, the colonoscopy will be useless. I have an opportunity to take one this summer if I decide to head to my home country Greece's healthy system (currently in the UK) but is it worth the hassle? At the end of the day, my GP IS a licensed practitioner, though on the other hand, I live in this body and I don't feel that her assessment is accurate.

I'm an adult, I've had stressful stuff going on plenty of times. It never stopped me from eating to this severe degree. Why is this happening now? Why wasn't it happening all the other times? It doesn't make sense...

Has anyone had a similar experience?

  1. Thank you for sharing and reaching out. Have you had any testing done since your symptoms started worsening? Any test for SIBO or gastroparesis? I'd encourage you to continue being persistent in seeking help and speaking with your doctor about your symptoms. You may consider a second opinion if you feel you aren't being heard by your current doctor. In addition to speaking with your doctor, these articles may be helpful: How IBS is diagnosed: SIBO: and Gastroparesis: Wishing you some answers and relief soon. Please keep up posted if you'd like. Best, Kelly, Team Member

    1. Hi--My IBS seems to be getting more and more restrictive in terms of what I can eat without setting off a flare. I joke and say pretty soon all I will be able to eat is cardboard. I'm approaching 68 years old, so I just assumed it's yet another thing that the "golden years" are serving up on my platter. I also can't seem to make my family members understand that stress is a contributing factor to an IBS flare. Either that, or they just don't care because they are what stresses me out the most. Oh well, it is, what it is.

      1. Do not accept your current doctor's refusal to do further studies. As we know, IBS is a diagnosis of elimination. Find a new doctor or at least get a second or third opinion.

        1. - Yes... I'm feeling your frustration. My GP won't test me for anything other than the basics. I can't eat fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, dried fruit or any kind of fiber - even oatmeal, bananas, applesauce - without abd. pain and worsening runs. I have been getting worse (I'm 73) and now every time I sit down to pee, whooshes of watery stool happen. I have to watch my electrolytes since I lose so much fluid and my poor rear is so sore from all the cleaning I have to do 4-5 times/day and night. (Sorry, TMI!) I was told I had IBS even tho the colonoscopy I had ten years ago revealed microscopic colitis. I had another colonoscopy three months ago which also showed the same colitis. So now I have colitis, which I guess is a different animal than IBS, tho my doc said I could have both.
          My doc put me on steroids, which improved things, but I can't live with the side effects, so I'm off those. I have SO many questions for my doc, but she won't listen to me or respond to my emails. I'm seeking a new GI doc. Good luck with getting help.

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