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Feel Like My IBS-D Is Ruining My Life

I'm new here, and I just need to vent. As the title of my post says, I feel like my IBS-D is ruining my life. I'm 33, and I've had IBS-D since I was a teenager, about 14 years old. So I've had it most of my life. I also have social anxiety and epilepsy (from a brain tumor I had removed when I was only 8 months old). Back to the real issue here. My IBS is so frustrating. I barely eat anything, usually have one meal a day at dinner. Sometimes I'll eat breakfast if I'm in the mood, but most of the time it's one meal a day at dinner. I usually have one meal because I get so scared I'm going to have an IBS flare up. I make sure to stay hydrated, don't drink alcohol, soda, or coffee. Do love my tea though. Most of the time I drink either green or white tea, and do drink herbal teas on occasion. I do enjoy black tea, but as a major tea lover, I make my tea from loose leaves and have a loose leaf tea maker. Black tea is the trickiest to make in my Breville Perfect Tea Maker so I don't drink it that often. Sorry, I'm practically making this into an article about tea!

As for my IBS, I've tried several things to treat it. I saw a gastro doctor two years ago, and she suggested I get a colonoscopy (that was fun, not!), start taking probiotics, and she put me on Bentyl. The probiotics and the Bentyl usually help, but I've noticed, and I even told my parents this last night, (but they didn't believe me. My dad even said 'Oh, you'll be fine!') that I was nervous to eat the pizza they got. Even though I only had two slices. It was from one of those, as I call them 'generic cookie cutter' pizza places that you'd find on every corner and it all tastes the same. The locally owned shops that usually make their pizza extra greasy. I clearly told them last night my stomach can't handle the extra grease. As I said before, my parents thought I was full of nonsense, making mountains out of molehills, and worried over nothing. Don't get me wrong, the pizza was good, but a few hours later, after I had taken a shower, I didn't feel well, got a sour stomach, and had an IBS flare up. (for about 20 minutes). I took some Immodium and drank some herbal stomach calming tea to help the flaring go down. This is just ridiculous! I'm so sick of IBS making my life miserable, and preventing me from eating foods that I want to (like pizza) and being scared to eat in general. It's so sad that I only eat 1 meal a day (although I will occasionally eat 2), because I get so scared I'll have a flare up!

  1. Welcome to the site,@rocknrollchick5 - we're glad you found us! You're definitely in the right place to vent. The fact that your parents don't take your IBS seriously is disheartening. Unfortunately, that's something others talk about frequently in the community. Finding the right food to eat can be such a struggle, too. Have you looked into the low-FODMAP diet? That's a diet plan that has helped many with IBS find some relief. It's worth noting that each person is different and has different triggers. Here's an article that explains more about the diet: We also have some great IBS-friendly recipes here: Lastly, others have found that working with a dietitian who is familiar with IBS to be helpful in formulating a diet plan tailored to the individual. I hope this helps! And I hope your parents begin to understand that IBS is to be taken seriously. Take care. - Chris, Team

    1. Hi everyone. I have just had a really bad attack of ibs. The pain can get so bad I nearly pass out. Im just wondering if I have crohn's as the pain is so intense. I literally know straight away when im going to get an attack due to my stomach gurgling on left side. Then the horrific pain starts and it will not go until I have emptied my bowl. I have severe diarrhoea with pain shooting up into my stomach and bad cramps. Also feel totally wiped out after. Im sorry for the details but is anyone else the same at all? I dont get it all the time but lately having more flare ups. If someone could answer me back I would be most grateful. Thanks. Claire

      1. @claire619,

        I'm so sorry you are going through this. Severe pain like that is the absolute worst.

        I actually was diagnosed with IBS and Crohn's back in 2011. Have you ever had blood in your stool? If that ever occurs it is a sign of IBD. Definitely see a Gastro immediately.

        I mean to be honest, the only way to know if you indeed have Crohn's is to get testing from a GI. If you feel like you may have it, I would absolutely encourage you to ask for testing. Here is an article you may find helpful which goes over diagnostic testing for Crohn's. It's from our sister site devoted to IBD.

        I hope this helps some.

        Oh and as far was what you are experiencing you are not alone. I experience the exact same.

        -Elizabeth (team member)

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