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I have a question about probiotics for teens

my 16 year old son has ibs and has been taking probiotics for almost a year. symptoms come and go for him. im wondering if he should stop the probiotics for a while in order to increase it’s effectiveness or perhaps try a new probiotic. thanks

Community Answers
  • ExplodingGuts
    1 year ago

    Probiotics an expensive fraud, IMO, but I’m glad if they help anyone. GPs are amazingly helpless. I’m on Metamucil, Olestyr, Dexilant and Align and it’s just all useless. Still require supplements of Immodium up to 8x a day.

    Tests, incl colonoscopy/enteroscopy revealed nothing. I’m not stressed, either. No more than anyone else, probably less than most. Love my life most days.

    New theory: Feels like auto-immune response. Body treating all the sand, Dexilant, etc. like they are parasites such that I am now producing battery acid instead of mere stomach acid to fight them. That’s what it feels like.

    So far, respirologist was the most useful. Made the asthma-IBS connection and actually solved the asthma problem. Does your son have asthma? If so, consult respirologist. NOT an allergist but a respirologist.

  • barileigh author
    1 year ago

    Thanks, will do.

  • Chris Hall moderator
    1 year ago

    Thanks for submitting your question, @barileigh. Sorry to hear that your son is dealing with IBS! Probiotics seem to be hit or miss for folks in this community. While we can’t provide any medical advice (for your safety), we do have some more information on probiotics here: We encourage speaking with his doctor to determine if there’s a different probiotic or treatment that may work for your son. I hope this helps! – Chris, Team

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