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Diarrhea for 3,5 months. Help

Hi,first: I visited couple of different doctors. Age: 28 male. When it started: 3,5 months ago How: When I started drinking home made kefir fermented in unpasteurized unboiled cows milk (my dad was bringing me that milk and forgot to say to boil it) Initial symptoms: Diarrhea 5-6 times a day, not completely watery but very wet. Explode-y. I was drinking kefir for couple of weeks, and then stopped.Thought my digestive system.was cleaning and it was normal.I was wrong.I stopped drinking it. Tests done: Serology, stool tests,blood tests. Everything was ok,except: Low vitamin D, high Calprotectin value (500 normal is under 50), H. Pylori infection. Tests done: Gastroenterologist – colonoscopy,endoscopy. They found GERD, lvl 1-2 internal hemmorrhoids, stomach dysplasia? No biopsy was done. Colonoscopy was done 1 month after endoscopy,during that time I took internal supplements to get rid od H.Pylori because gastroenterologist did not want to treat it,supposedly it is normal. I did not believie him so I got rid of it. Done H pylori test after a month and it came negative, also Caprotectin values were under 50. Doctor suspected initially crohns or ulcerotic col, but with test he dismissed them. Visited Alergologist after tests above: Tests: Allergy and celiac blood tests, lactose breathing tests. Everything was negative. He suspects IBS, perhaps even undeveloped IBD despite what gastroenetrologist said previously. Next tests done: Gut imbalance and parasite stool tests. All negative. Current symptoms: Diarrhea 1-4 times a day. Almost never normal stool since problems first started. Diarrhea after eating raw onion, very fatty food, most of the time milk products, spicy (have not eaten it since i have problems,had only few times something very mild), sometimes raw garlic. I get reaction within 20 mins after eating food. Sometimes any food. Sometimes I get times when I do not have diarrhea but constipation. These days and reactions are sometimes unpredictable. I have better and worse gut days. Please,what could it be? Thanks

Community Answers
  • Chris Hall moderator
    7 months ago

    Thanks for submitting your question, @salen. You’re certainly going through a lot right now, and I’m sorry to hear you haven’t found any concrete answers. While we can’t provide medical or diagnostic advice (for your safety), we do have some information on some of the things you’ve stated. One of our writers describes his experience with h. plylori here: Since you mentioned that your symptoms sometimes start within 20 minutes of eating, I thought this article about the gastro-colic reflex here: Finally, you mention some trigger foods that many in the community have mentioned, too. Have you read about the low-FODMAP diet? If not, we have a great article that explains the basics here: I hope this helps. You’re doing you due diligence, and I commend you for that! I hope you’re able to get some answers soon. – Chris, Team

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