Tips To Stay Calm On The Porcelain Throne

I know there are a lot of IBS sufferers out there who have a hard time on the porcelain throne. Whether it’s due to anxiety, constipation, or whatever the case may be, spending a long time straining on the toilet can have some really bad consequences like hemorrhoids, back pain, or numb legs (I experience all three, unfortunately). Therefore, I believe it’s important we find ways to stay calm while we do our duty because it can help ease the strain and let things flow a little more naturally. I know what you’re thinking, ‘easier said than done’. Well, I have a few tips that I want to share with you all on how I stay calm while on the porcelain throne. I can’t guarantee that these tips will work all the time because…well…we suffer from a very complicated disease. However, I believe if we practice important disciplines enough, then it will subconsciously become a part of our daily routine. So, I’m sure some of you might already use a few of these tactics, however for those of you who don’t, I hope you find these tips to be useful.

Tips for the throne

  1. Play soothing music or read a book while you’re on the toilet to help you take your mind off the straining or the task at hand. Sometimes I’ll do both at the same time, and it really does help distract me from the struggles on the porcelain throne.
  2. Play a game on your phone. I have a specific game that I like to play on my phone and it helps with entertainment and makes me feel a little more at ease while “getting the job done”.
  3. Carry a pocket-size air freshener or a spray deodorizer with you everywhere. In the case you have to use the toilet in public or someone else’s home, then you can at least do your best to hide the smell with a nice-scented deodorizer. It’ll help cover your tracks and make you feel more at ease while having a bowel movement.
  4. Carry flushable toilet wipes with you everywhere. I can’t stress this enough. I feel these are lifesavers, and I believe they are one of the most effective ways in having a clean bum on-the-go. Knowing I have wipes with me helps me to feel reassured that I won’t leave a mess behind (pun intended).
  5. Try to meditate… yes, on the toilet! Personally, I find this to be one of those most important tips to practice. Take in some deep breaths while you focus your mind on relaxing and easing the tension in your entire body, not just your bowels. Try to feel at peace with yourself and your body, even though you are most likely in pain. Sometimes I acknowledge the pain that is there, then I accept it, and forget about it by thinking of something else that is more important. Some of the things I think about are: what can I do to better myself today and prepare for the future, what songs I feel like singing along to while I’m on the toilet so that I can be jolly during this time, or what recipe should I look up so that I can make a nice meal for my wife when she gets home from work. The point is to acknowledge what you’re going through, accept it and let it be. Then focus on other things that matter in a constructive way to distract your mind from the pain or straining on the toilet.

Get creative

IBS is a complicated disease so sometimes we must think in unconventional and creative ways to better manage our symptoms. I know a lot of my tips are probably common sense to a lot of you, however, they are not always common practice. We all should do our best to be mindful of ourselves and our overall health, so developing habits that help us manage our condition better is the first start.

How do you stay calm on the porcelain throne? Please share your thoughts below and thank you for reading.

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