A woman relaxes in a bubble bath surrounded by lit candles.

Why I Rely on My Bath for the Ultimate Post-IBS Flare Remedy

I have been obsessed with taking baths for my IBS for quite a while now. I’m in them so often and for so long, I’m surprised I haven’t taken on the permanent appearance of a raisin. I’m not even kidding. For me, baths are the answer to everything.

Exhausted after a flare? Bath.
Feel a bit grubby? Bath.
Feeling stressed? Bath.
Stomach cramps? Bath.
Is anxiety having a moment? Bath.

Why baths help me after an IBS flare-up

I rely on that feeling of sliding my shoulders under the bubble-filled water for a sense of relief. The water has this magical healing quality that means while I’m in there, all of my problems and pains seem to dissolve. It’s my moment to focus on myself. Show me some compassion and claim some peace and quiet.

It takes my mind away from the cramps or the fatigue and that is utter bliss. In fact, when my anxiety was at its uncontrollable worst, I had a bath without fail every day for about two months.

I’ll even openly share with you that one time, not so long ago (read weeks) that I decided to have a bath to help ease some tummy pain I was battling. I got in and managed around 10 minutes before I felt “the gurgle.” I’m sure you know what I mean when I say, “the gurgle”. It’s that rumble your gut gives as a heads up that your bowels are about to evacuate themselves and you don’t have any say in the matter. Well, I had that feeling and so immediately jumped up, disgruntled at the fact the hot bath would go to waste. Did the quickest towel dry to the important areas and jumped on the loo. Five minutes later, after said evacuation, I got straight back in the bath. I wasn’t letting that little moment ruin my relaxation. And do you know what, it made me feel ten times better because I hadn’t let my IBS win. Sure, it had disrupted me, but I won by getting back in the bath and no doubt finishing the film I started. All with a little inconvenience in the middle.

Now that’s how you show it who’s boss.

Tips to make baths more relaxing

I’ll even share my top tip for taking your bath to that next level. Fill it with bubbles while the bath is running. Light some candles to make it all atmospheric. Invest in some aromatherapy oils and rub them into your chest and stomach before getting in. The smell it creates is so soothing. There you have it, your own luxurious mini spa.

Anyone else rely on a bath for that post-IBS flare feeling? Or is it just me?

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