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Yesterday I had a revelation: Pulling in my stomach

Hey there,
I most likely have SIBO and IBS-D and I'm currently struggeling after every meal (mostly after lunch tho). Yesterday I wondered how I could feel so bloated/full of gas and not carry a big belly around.
I intentionally tried to push my stomach out and suddenly realised that I NEVER did this. Worse: It seems like I have been sucking in my stomach for years now without realising. Since then I have tried to relax my belly and it feels really strange ... my muscles there feel hard and relaxation almost feels uncomfortable at this point.

I really wonder if there's a connection between this and my symptoms. Would be amazing to ease the struggle even a little.

  1. Just to say I've sucked my stomach in for years, I thought most women do, not sure it has any effect on ibs

    1. Hmmm I'm not sure how much of a direct effect it might have on IBS, but it maybe in a way it could. Having those muscles tightened for a long time could make some trouble for relaxing enough to allow the poop to pass more smoothly. I'd be curious to see any research done on it! ~Michaela ( Team Member)

    2. I might as well have SIBO and in that case the pressure on in my intestines could in theory affect the workings of my IIeoceceal valve (between small and large intestines) which would make it easier for bacteria to infiltrate my small intestines.
      Well in theory at least 😁

      And as
      said: Everything that brings relaxation and relieves stress on the body should also help with IBS on top 😀

  2. I can't help thinking that many things that relieve any stress or tension from our bodies could help IBS at least a little. It's good this stomach muscle experiment helped you.

    I get muscle spasms in my lower back. I have problems there for a long time. I often wonder how much that tightness contributes to my symptoms. My gut feels easier when my back is a bit better.

    1. Hey there 😀 So far I still can't say if it helps me because I only have been intentionally not tightening my stomach muscles for 2 days and so far it rather felt like a workout because of how stiff/hard those muscles are (I'm actually fighting to not pull stomach in at every occasion).
      😁 Let's see, if it helps.

  3. I don't know if it's helpful but I went to speech therapy one year ago. I struggled with swallowing in general and they helped me, but also gave me some tips and treatments for the diaphragm which is near the stomach. She told me that many people are really tense in that area and it can cause multiple problems, like my gut issues (Earlier I had told her about my ibs). It's just a suggestion, but it did kind of help me, she explained to me how I can loosen that tension there. I had to lay comfortable down on an even surface, use a little bit of baby oil and really massage along and on the end of the ribcage and even kind of grip underneath it and put pressure there, always following the shape of the end of the ribcage. It feels weird at first and kind of uncomfortable, but when your done it's kind of freeing. It's a little easier if someone can do that for you, but you can do it alone as well. She recommended me to do that every two days and also to breath in the stomach while massaging there. Again it's just a suggestion but I think it's worth giving it a try since it isn't medication or anything like that 😀

    1. Yup, that's what I thought. Hope it helps at least a little bit 😀

    2. That great! 😀 Hugs, Karina (team member)

  4. I know that breathing exercises and meditation/relaxing activities typically help me...maybe that's related/connected to this...

    1. Have you ever tried a colonic massage? I find breathing and this really helps relax the muscles and move along the fecal matter that might be stuck. ~Michaela ( Team Member)

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