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What to eat in a flare

In my first flare and so hungry but afraid to experiment. Looking for tasty recipes - so limited right now.

  1. I can definitely understand that! Have you checked out our recipe section? We have a lot of great IBS-friendly options: Let us know if you try one of them. - Chris, Team

    1. If it's IBS-D I find low fibre foods help my gut settle. Very boring unseasoned food except for a little salt. White toast, rice, eggs, lettuce, spinach, green beans , peeled grapes, peeled boiled potato

      1. I totally feel you. The more I eat the more limited I feel like I can't enjoy anything. Personally, I usually load up on Imodium and my antispasmodic when I want to eat. Talk to your G

        1. I got you too. It’s torture. I pretty much live on Cream of Rice cereal (I make several batches at once & then reheat in microwave); chicken & rice soup or a small bit of salmon and rice. And maybe a banana. The outbreaks are horrific so I can totally relate to everyone. Have your GI have you tested for SIBO!!

          1. Awesome tips! Thanks for sharing! Cheers, Michaela ( Team Member)

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