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What is your favorite IBS-friendly meal?

  1. Looove low fodmap bone broth, veggies, and chicken for a nice homemade soup!

    1. - Sounds delicious! Thought I'd share a bone broth recipe from recipes section in case you're interested: . Thanks for weighing in! - Chris, Team

  2. Eggs and Avocado

    1. - Great combo. Thanks for sharing! - Chris, Team

  3. A simple bowl of chicken noodle soup with spinach works for me.

    1. I love chicken noodle soup . That is always a go-to for me. And there is a restaurant that makes an excellent soup for an excellent price. Whenever I'm in a horrible flare and need a quick soup, I'm always ordering! -Elizabeth (team member)

  4. I am living with Slow Cooker Beef bone soup with veggies. Just started another batch this morning in my slow cooker. Also I have low fat Yogurt vanilla in a cup mixed with Honey Nut Cherrios and berries for dessert.

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