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This IBS - C

if I dont move my bowls for more than 3 days I go into server pain contractions minutes to a few minutes apart I get hot I feel faint I sweat my body shakes the pain is so bad I rather wear a colostomy bag for the rest of my life on earth the only way the pain stops is by getting diarrhea sometimes there is blood with it this could be between a half hour to 3 hours and after most of the time I get fatigued for a few hours and sometimes I get fatigued with body tremors for a few hours so for the past 3 years the only way for me to prevent that is by every 2 to 3 days I make my self have diarrhea by taking a dose and half milk of magnesia thats the only way i can move mt bowls by makeing my self get diarea there's been a few times I took it more than 3 days and the severe pain happened last month I was a day late a for and that happend a few hours I was was suffering with that pain even if i get the sligtes pain i sometimes panic i sometimes get scared what if the pain happens again that what if the milk of magnesia dont work anymore this IBS -C or something else anyone else go through this please let me know im sorry for the graphic details sincerely gemm

  1. I'm so, so sorry that it gets this bad for you and that you have no other choice than to give yourself diarrhea to relieve the constipation. You're not alone. Another community member just recently mentioned having to take laxatives all the time: Have you talked to your doctor about the fact that you sometimes get blood in your stool? If not, I'd definitely mention it so they can check if there's maybe something else going on. I'm also wondering, have you ever tried working with a dietitian or naturopath? I know that some community members had success with these approaches. Wishing you all the best, Karina (team member)

    1. thank you for your reply to my post it seems so many people don't understand how bad the pain is when that happens and how badly sick I feel when that happens I sometimes wonder if this is more than IBS - C or something else with it I forgot to mention that more than a few times there were blood clots too and my blood pressure is high it gos up sometimes to 295 over 118 sometimes a little higher I use a home blood pressure monitor im not sure if that could have anything to do with my stomach I keep putting off going to the doctor but I know I should go i will

    2. That sound so tough, I'm very, very sorry. 🙁 I hope you'll be able to see a doctor toon to get some answers. I have no idea if blood pressure and digestive symptoms could be connected, but I've seen so many posts about seemingly strange connections within the body that everything might be possible... I get why you're putting off going to the doctor, it can be so scary when you don't know what they'll find and if they'll even listen. Do you have a good practitioner? If not and in case this helps, here's an article from one of our contributors about her search for a good doctor: Please keep us updated (if you want). Wishing you some relief, Karina (team member)

  2. thankyou again for your response to my post im not afraid of what they will find im very impatient sometimes at a doctor's office waiting but I know it is important to go once again thankyou and thankyou for the link

    1. Please keep us posted with how things go with your appointment. I hope you get relief soon from this constipation. In the meantime, have you tried probiotics or peppermint essential oil? That helped me tremendously with constipation. Also changing my diet and incorporating lots of fermented foods was helpful. -Elizabeth (team member)

  3. I recognize this same exact feeling. I'm just glad that I have my own toilet, and that I don't share my bed with anyone. Having my own place helps, because at least when I get the extreme sweating, with the extreme cramps, then I'm far better off just sweating the symptoms out in my own flat. If I'm up all night with the symptoms at times, so be it. I can always catch up on my sleep the next day. My support staff are very aware of my severe constipation. I can't always just put on a happy face. The physical pain is more than I can cope with. It's a nightmare. I'm not sure how I got through the most recent flare-up, or any flare-up, for that matter. My body gets really weak with it, aswell. I sleep all day, when the constipation gets too overbearing. I keep thinking that I'll end up dying from it, one day. Not sure why. Probably because of the pain level. @gemm

    1. That sounds really tough, I'm so sorry. Do you have any medication to help you through bad flares? Karina (team member)

    2. t In a strange way it's a comfort to know that there is others that suffer similarly to me some people don't understand they think so you haft to take a poo no big deal but it is so very horrible the pain this is an illness and it is a big deal the kind of pain and suffering we go through is not normal after i get what i call spasms i all day feel my lower stomach is so sore standing up to long sitting down to hard cause pain

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