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Problem with starchy carbs, anyone else ?

So... I've been following a low FODMAP diet and luckily my symptoms have almost disappeared, but I have noticed that I get a pretty bad flare up when I use corn starch ( I use it before workout like a supplement ) - so I stopped using it.
I just wonder what the problem is - because I don't have a problem with corn, or corn flour and supposedly corn starch is low FODMAP even at 100g per serving
Anyone has any ideas what could be the problem ?

  1. Thanks for reaching out. Great question! So glad to hear that you've been able to find some relief by eating low FODMAP. IBS can be triggered by many things and perhaps the corn starch is something that your body doesn't tolerate right now. It's great that you are in tune with your body and symptoms and able to identify it. In addition to speaking with your doctor and Registered Dietitian, these article may be helpful to you: and Wishing you continued relief ahead. Best, Kelly, Team member

    1. Thank you for the reply 😀

  2. Generally I am fine with starch. It seems to slightly "bind" my IBS-D. I remember taking a small teaspoonful of corn starch (we call it cornflour here) mixed into water when I had a bad loose gut one day, and it seemed to help the next morning.
    Starchy foods like peeled boiled potatoes (not sweet potato!) , white rice, noodles etc are all fine for me and can be settling for my gut.
    But if you have IBS-C, I can see that possibly being a problem.

    1. Oh that's interesting! I didn't realize that could be a thing. I know when I had really bad acid reflux I was told to eat more starchy foods, like sweet potatoes. That would make sense it could also work as a quick remedy as well. I will keep this in mind! ~Michaela ( Team Member)

    2. that makes sense, and that is why I tested corn, corn flour and corn starch and I only have a problem with corn starch( which makes no sense ), so I suspect it is not corn starch but probably wheat starch, or a mix - I just cut it out

  3. I think sweet potatoes have more fiber? The only reason I choose white potatoes instead is because when peeled they don't have much fiber, and in bad flares, fiber can irritate my IBS-D gut! However I have heard fiber is recommended for IBS-D (I don't know why, as I have to be careful with how much I eat.)
    But I hear peeled boiled white potatoes do contain nutrients we need, and potassium also, so they are moderately nutritious, even without the skins (which contain higher levels of nutrients.) They are the ultimate starchy veg.
    I had a bout of acid reflux last winter. It was no fun while that lasted. Then it passed. I hope yours does.

    1. I just cut out most food from my diet, the only carbs I eat now are potatoes, oats, corn, rice and dextrose when I need extra calories

    2. That makes sense. Sounds like you've done your research! Thankfully, my reflux has passed and only sometimes flares when I'm really stressed. It is no fun!~Michaela ( Team Member)

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