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Does anyone else experience lower back pain?

Just recently I have started to get horrible lower back pain. My question is , does anyone get this with flares .. before they weren't as bad. Seems now I feel like I'm stooped over from pain. doc says no way but I'm really thinking it is.

  1. Hi Cindyj,

    I'm so sorry to hear about the back pain you're experiencing! That sounds really hard! While we wait for feedback from other community members, here is an article from one of our contributors:

    I hope you find it helpful!

    Take care,
    Chris, ( Team Member)

    1. hello cindyj,
      this is one the ibs symptoms, you're right, its just horrible to feel, i got the sames lower back pain a few weeks ago, and i walked one hour every day during one week, to help my bowel transit, then my pains lessened, it's more brearable.

      i hope it's gonna be helpful.

      best healing wishes.

      1. After almost 2 years of experiencing the monthly "flares" just recently the lower back began to ache. Unsure if the two are connected.

        1. I have the back pain also. It is totally exhausting!

          1. Hi poptart56!

            I'm so sorry you're experiencing back pain. It can be common for people to experience back pain while livng with IBS:

            I hope you find the article helpful!

            Take care!

            Amna, ( Team Member)

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