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Specialist doctor? Anyone tried this?

I got IBS. Does it help going to a IBS specialist doctor? Anyone tried this?

  1. You mean like a gastro that specialises in IBS? 😀
    Would be nice if there were ineed specialists like that. My gastros so far didn't help at all. They were nice but helpless at best and ignorant at worst. All the things that helped I found out myself. 3 gastros and NONE even mentioned that something like careful probiotics medication COULD be helpful (worse: the most renown gastroenteroligist I visited didn't even belive that probiotics have ANY effect ... I mean believe about them what you will - be it good effects or bad effects - but hearing from a medical doctor that all probiotics are basically placebos ... man that makes you loose hope in doctors).

    1. I'm not big on assorted $$$ snake oils, either, b/c if the stuff worked reliably, it would resolve IBS for more of us.

    2. Didn't say it's a wonder medicine but it's worth a try 😉 And it helped me for long stretches of time.

  2. I've also seen 2 specialists and they didn't help me at all. I was in my early 20s and I'm female so they just said that it was all in my head. My GP at the time was the one who performed all the tests (so he had already excluded other conditions)

    1. Maybe not if they don't stay current. Ask if a prospect is familiar with last summer's IBS guidelines - If not, consult another.

      1. See the most recent IBS guidelines (Summer, 2022) - I wonder how many MDs are even aware. My GI spent far too long trying to investigate my psyche - a test of my patience. I explained as tactfully as possible that chronic explosions of diarrhea that occur w/o warning or any discernible pattern were the only major source of stress in my life. MDs are quite primitive in their understanding of IBS and rudely dismissive.

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