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New Roomate..Help?

Hi guys, so I do NOT have ibs, but my new college roommate does. We are both rising freshman in a uni a bit south of San Francisco and in our first meeting she mentioned her ibs and how her symptoms can be hard to deal with sometimes. She was nervous in telling me about it because she has lost friends in the past due to it. Anyway because of this program we're in we will most likely be roommates for at least a couple school years, I just don't want to make her feel uncomfortable in a place that is supposed to be both our new home. So is there anything I should know to be a good roommate? Anything I can do to make her feel less nervous? What should I be prepared for?

  1. , that is extremely thoughtful of you! The biggest thing is understanding the urgency of needing a bathroom. If you share a bathroom, this can be an issue at times. Also understand that sometimes a person might not be able to go out during an episode, and sometimes that person might try to hint this is the case. Be mindful of cues to avoid embarrassing your roommate. I would suggest open discussion if she is comfortable with that. Thanks for being an ally! -Amy, team

    1. Hi, - Echoing 's about the thoughtfulness of your question! I'm sure your roommate will be very appreciative that you're seeking to learn how to help her. I also wanted to mention that one of our writers wrote about this very topic in case you're interested in reading. Here's the link: Take care! - Chris, Team

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