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New member, looking for answers to my symptoms


My symptoms have evolved over the past 12 months or so. I am 36. Last year I started getting panic attacks (anxiety, dizzy, fainty) maybe a couple times a week that scared me. After a couple months I realized I could usually BM when I starting feeling weird even if I didn't get the feeling I needed to BM. I can go from mildly constipated to needing to soft BM 3 times in an hour. As of about 6 months ago I started feeling a discomfort in my right abdomen, maybe 2.5 inches from my belly button. It didn't hurt, just felt swollen or like something was there. I never really got worse so I just thought maybe a pulled ab. Then a couple months ago my dogs both died of abdomen cancer and I mentally started to panic with my own symptoms. Over the past year it's also not uncommon for me to BM like 6+ times a day (5 times just this morning!). Sometimes multiple times within an hour. Sometimes fairly firm followed by a couple very soft.

Two weeks ago I finally saw my primary. He did a stool blood test which was neg. A metabolic blood test was done and I did have a bit high bilirubin count (testing again in a week after drinking more water). I also got an ultrasound of the soft tissue area I was feeling discomfort and they said no abnormalities found. I was referred to a gastro specialist after my primary suspected IBS, but that appt isn't for another month.

Last week I adopted two new rescue dogs and hosting some family from out of town and really noticed some intensified symptoms. My abdomen feels bloated and tight. Also sore, like I've been doing ab workouts, but I haven't been. The same discomfort I had on my right side is now also on my left side now too. Sometimes there is little pins and needle pain around an area where I think I have some mesh as I had a hernia operation a few years ago. Also I have very mild constant nausea which increases if I poke around my abdomen. Plenty of anxiety pooping this week too. In general I feel pretty okay in terms of energy, mental clarity, and just overall rest of body, but my abdomen/stomach is feeling really out of sorts, like it's angry. My appetite and weight has stayed pretty steady.

In terms of food, I've found I've become sensitive to eggs, beans and peanut products. They all give me BM issues. I have a family history of lactose issues, but still eat it. Maybe I need to try cutting it out too.

I've been taking a bit of ibuprohen and gasx which help a little. Also trying to relax and see if reducing my stress helps. Sometimes difficult because I am still paranoid I have a serious issue like cancer.

Thanks for listening! Does anyone have thoughts, advice, questions? Does this sound like IBS or something else? Thanks!!

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    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I'm glad you seem determined to get to the root of the problem and have been having the necessary tests and seeing your doctor. I am not a doctor, but you asked if it sounded like IBS? Sure, it does. But keep checking on it until you have ruled out other things. As a person who has pretty bad anxiety and panic attacks, I would only say that my managing my mental health is just as important as my diet, exercise and medications when it comes to tackling IBS. It takes a long time to find what works for you but remember that we are here for support. Keep us updated and I hope you are well today. -Todd, Team

    1. Hi Todd, thank you so much for replying. I am anxious to see my GI doc. It helps just to be listened to!

      1. hi, same situation here. I'm two years older than you, and my symptoms started when i was in Venezuela in april (i used to live there, now i'm back in italy). I had the feeling i had a ball in the left abdomen that used to go away after going to the bathroom, then it moved to the right abdomen. WHen i came back to italy my doctor encouraged me to leave pasta and bread, and the abdomen problems went away. But at that time i started to read scary stories of colon cancer and i convinced i had one. I started to check my stool daily, every change of my stool makes me crazy. So i went to a gastro, he touched my abdomen, had a bowel ultrasound and didn't find anything bad (your bowel looks beatiful, his words).
        After that, for a month and a half i was fine. Then, probably because of a weight gainer powder i ate who got hot under the sunset, i had diarreah for 2 days. Since then, like once every week, i have diarrhea one time, after eating most of the times, sometimes i have mucus, my stool is always different every time. My anxiety is incredibly high and for sure is making my symptoms worst.
        Today i talked to the same gastro, he cannot see me until august, but he said i am not dying i have no cancer, only IBS if i have it.
        I also talked (they didn't see me) about this to 2 other gastros, they both say is IBS.
        Still my mind won't let me live, i'm always thinking i have cancer

        1. Thanks for the reply . You're situation sounds a lot like mine. My abdomen ache doesn't leave after a BM though. I may try and reduce wheat too. I notice stress makes it worse too.

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