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New intolerance?

Can we develop a new intolerance after 5 years of knowing what to avoid and being ok?

  1. Great question, . We've heard from numerous community members that this has occurred with them. They often speak about a safe food that they've eaten for a long time and then one day, it causes their IBS symptoms to flare. While we wait for others to chime in, I thought I'd share this article about food triggers and intolerances: Thanks for submitting this question! - Chris, Team Member

    1. Hello! Just checking in, how have you been feeling as of late? Have you found yourself dealing with any new trigger foods? Having to give up humus was a real bummer for me. It's such a tasty treat! I hope you've been doing well and have been managing your symptoms as best as you can. Sending positive thoughts your way! Wishing you a gentle day ~ Sawyer (team member)

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