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Losing hope with my IBS-c, has anyone felt the same way?

Hey y'all, I'm a 20 year old male and I've suffered with IBS-c for a few years now and it just never seems to get better. I've had what feels like hundreds of doctors appointments and a pretty handful of colonoscopy's and endoscopy's and I'm really starting to lose hope with this whole thing. For me I have a lot of struggle with burning in my rectal area and intense cramping in my rectum and abdomen coupled with the feeling of nausea and just feeling 'icky'. Has anyone felt the same way with my symptoms as well as had the same thoughts of despair when another episode comes along?

Really value your input, and I'm praying we all get to lead a normal life again soon.

  1. seems odd to have a handful of endoscopys and colonoscopies.... I only had one (colonscopy), and the doc said everything looks good, so it must be IBS. when they do multiples, that means they usually found something to look at. But I am no doctor, so just my opinion.

    I started with IBS-Mixed about 2 years ago, and it switch to C about a year ago (after avoiding all triggers). My management routine includes daily IB-GARD (time release peppermint), and CBD. I have found bowel massages to be critical (youtube has videos, basically you are pushing on your bowels). whenever I felt backed up, a bowel massage would usually get things going and I would feel much better.

    As far as the burning goes, make sure you keep things extra clean. Tucks makes a nice travel pack with the witch hazel cleaning pads, and a tube of lidocaine to numb the well.

    The despair may go away as you start feeling better and more under control of your IBS, or perhaps you are getting some mental affects from the IBS, which your DR can prescribe meds for.

    1. These are great tips. Thanks for taking the time to share! I hope you are well. Best, Elizabeth (team member)

  2. So sorry you are going through this. Wondering if you have been tested for SIBO? Perhaps that could be causing the pain and burning? I also have issues with inflammation in the rectum. I ended up seeing a Naturopathic Medical Doctor and he introduced me to coconut oil suppositories. They helped me so much! Message me if you'd like more info. Have you had blood work and a fecal test done? -Elizabeth (team member)

    1. I bought a bidet, it helps as I don’t have to wipe as much and it’s soothing during flare ups of hemorrhoids, and irritation.

      1. Getting a bidet was the best decision I ever made! So glad you are using one. It's the best. -Elizabeth (team member)

    2. Same here! I love my bidet!!

      1. Ditto! -Elizabeth (team member)

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