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  1. As someone "newly diagnosed" with IBS-C, I was looking for other peoples views and experiences in dealing with their condition. Looking back, I think I've had IBS all my life. When asked by various doctors about bowel issues, I've always said I am regularly irregular. Evan as a child I was often constipated. As an adult I experienced indigestion, heartburn and various levels of constipation and had to deal with a bothersome prostate condition. In the last few years (As of this writing I am a month shy of my 65th birthday) I have had many life changing experiences. I lost my oldest brother, 10 years my senior, to cancer, retired, sold my house of thirty+ years and moved out of New York City where I'd lived my entire life. I moved to a new state where I knew no one. My wife, also recently retired, and I spend virtually all our time together, which is a change as her job kept her busy about 70 hours a week for 30 years. Add to that the stress of 2020. The year of upheaval, politically and medically. I feel like one day my digestive system just said "F" it and decided to shut down and and show me who's boss. Stabbing pain, unrelenting heartburn, nausea and of course extreme constipation. Silver lining, since I couldn't eat more than a few bites a day, I lost 25 lbs in about three months and 8 inches from my waist. Psychologically, I was a mess, causing me to seek therapy. I thought my life was over. No more enjoying food, drink, travel or just the pleasure of not being concerned about my bowel habits. I am beginning to deal with the situation. I feel like I am taking back control. I am figuring out trigger foods, adding more fiber rich foods to my diet, under a gastros care for supplement and laxative use and realizing the therapist I've been in touch with is probably more screwed up than I am. Life may not be a bowl of cherries, but I might be able to eat some if I want to.

    1. You have been on quite the rollercoaster. Thank goodness you are getting the help you need and that it is working! You must feel so relieved to be getting your life back! Thank you for sharing and thank you for being a great member of our community! All the best, Michaela ( Team Member)

    2. I can identify with so much of what you shared. Including your realization that therapists are often limited by their own understanding of the human brain, let alone their limited understanding of the human condition. I propose that you embrace yourself as a healer. This is not a new-age idea, Instead, it is an understanding that your brain's neural pathways physically control the symptoms of IBS, including symptom abatement. The truth is out there. (How to replace existing neural pathways.)

  2. Please share this: everybody should know how important the new science of the gut Microbiome: effects everything from digestion immune system (COVID?)robustness to diet, brain functioning and mental health. After seeing this article yesterday I really wanted to share it on this site you will not be disappointed

    1. Not helpful unless we or the MDs we are forced to rely on understand how it works. I've heard of the gut thing but not in conjunction with any useful advice.

    2. of course I agree, the science will not be useful to us at least those of us over 50 years old in our own lives. There’s two little that they know, nothing practical that I know of that we can use right now.

  3. Article headline in the guardian July 11

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