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Keto cures my IBS

Okay so this evidence is both anecdotal and with some evidence. My personal story is I got IBS after a sepsis and it was hard, I had back pain and medication didn't help the symptoms. I got really fed up and tried a keto diet, after I heard a theory that diet could affect auto immune disorder and conditiona after watching mikala Peterson. I tried a keto diet and to my surprise my symptoms left within a week with my first flare up 18 months later after eating a heavily carb diet on holiday.

I would give this diet a go because it's been changing for me.

  1. It’s so great to hear you are feeling better while eating a keto diet! While there is no scientific consensus on a cure for IBS, we’re so glad to hear you’re feeling better! We'd love to hear the experience of other community members to know if eating keto works for them as well. Thanks so much for sharing! Warmly, Patty, Team Member

    1. I was considering trying a keto diet because my family eats an excessive amount of carbs that makes me sick, and I notice that foods with low or no carbs tends to make me feel better. Glad this helps for you!

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