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IBS Pressure

Fomthe last 3 months I have been experiencing pressure inbetween my vaginal and rectum area..All this time I thought it was my bladder but after multiple tests it is not..Im starting to think its comig from my colon..I have presure in rectum area also and have severe hemorroids too..I am always cramping..its get worse after I move my bowels..has anyone ever had any experiences such as this..I am totally desperate to get an answer

  1. I have exactly the same symptoms as you. I feel pressure in my vagina and rectum, have really bad trapped painful gas and terrible cramps even after emptying my bowels. I have recently had a CT scan and have a large uterine fibroid which they tell me is pressing on my bowels. I am due to have a hysterectomy in a few weeks, I'm praying that this solves the problems. Maybe you have something similar?

    1. I'm sick of hospitals and doctors at the moment, none of them seem to care. I don't know where to turn now, if I'm referred to another consultant I will still wait months and months to see them, then I'll prbabaly have all the tests repeated and then they'll probably do nothing

    2. I feel your frustration, I'm so sorry. Sometimes, people find alternative practitioners helpful when doctors don't seem to help (like described in this article:, I don't know if that might be worth looking into?
      How are you coping on a daily basis?
      Big hugs, Karina (team member)

  2. I wonder if it could be some kind of spasm of the pelvic floor muscles? I get a similar thing which is really quite painful but only lasts maximum 20 minutes, often less. When it goes, I pass gas. I have had that for years, even before I started with IBS, but it only happens every few weeks. The pain never got any worse or the intervals between pain events shorter.
    It happens at random times though in my case, not connected with anything and has even woken me up at night once or twice.

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