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Should I leave gluten out off my diet ??

  1. Thanks for reaching out, Marioo! Gluten sensitivities can occur in people with IBS. We strongly suggest speaking with your doctor or seeking a registered dietician before making any major diet alterations. I'd like to share a few articles that will give you more information:

    I hope this is helpful. Thanks for taking the time to comment in our forums!

    Take care,
    Chris, Team Member

    1. I didn't get diagnosed until I was 55. So I am trying to research IBS triggers and the best foods for a sound IBS Diet.

      Has anyone seen this IBS Sheet here and do you have any opinions on the information:


      1. As there is no cure for IBS, symptoms are managed by:

        Eating slowly and preventing delays in food intake
        Reducing stress
        Getting regular exercise
        Getting proper sleep
        Eating smaller meals more often

        1. @emma jones,

          All really good ways to manage IBS. Thank you so much for your comments and participation. I hope you are well today. -Todd, Team.

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