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Ibs d groin pain

Hi. Does anyone suffer with groin pain with ibs d and what do you do/take that helps. Thanks

  1. Hi , I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. Other community members have shared about similar types of pain here: and here: Have you talked to your doctor about this pain and if yes, did they do tests to make sure that nothing else is going on? Otherwise I'd definitely prioritize that before trying to find other ways to reduce the pain.
    Does the pain occur when your IBS is flaring? What have you tried so far to alleviate it?
    Karina (team member)

    1. Thank you for advice and info. Not seen a doctor as almost impossible in my area. Only fleeting pain during flare up so copable. Thanks again

      1. That's so hard, I feel you. I also live in an area where access to doctors is very limited, so I usually try to do telehealth appointments when possible... I hope you're having a flare-free day today. Karina (team member)

    2. Thanks Karina all good last few days Thank God. Hope ye all good too. X

      1. That's good to hear! I hope your weekend was good, too! Karina (team member)

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